On Saturday 24th October it was another lovely sunny day here in Phong Nha but the next storm was forecast! I had jasmine tea in bed and did a puzzle – Captain Caveman had kindly brought me up a pot before he made breakfast. I ended up having fresh bread with butter and I noticed Captain Caveman had started with a cold. For lunch Captain Caveman did us cheese on toast which was fantastic even if I did have a bad stomach after, but that meant I missed Harry Potter 5. I had made the popcorn beforehand but less people came for the film today. I started watching Interior Design Masters on Netflix in the bedroom while Harry Potter was on and I got quite in to it. After the film finished I asked Captain Caveman if he wanted to go for a walk with me but he said I couldn’t walk anywhere. This annoyed me because I hadn’t really tried and I wanted to, only to the bottom of the road and back. When he realised I was serious he agreed and I got all wrapped up because I thought it was a bit chilly out.

The walk to the bottom of the road would be 162m so I had planned to try to complete both ways, a total of 324m. I was very slow but a lot more confident and I could walk better than I had before. Ky, the dog, tried to warn us about some pesky puppies but we ignored him and then they tried to scare us off! Captain Caveman suggested I could try walking around the block as it wasn’t much further than walking the same way back and I decided to have a go, I could see he was concerned he’d have to carry me back if I didn’t make it. Towards the end of the walk I saw that my favourite flower was back and that it had not been destroyed in the flood as I’d thought, it had just been hiding. I tried and I was so happy that I made it, almost 500m of walking. When we got back home we chilled out with a bit of wine and the last of the beef and lentil soup. Before bed I saw on Facebook that there had been lots of posts of photos where the locals were getting help after the flood damage – some cleaning up, others supplies of food packages. People were trying their best to get back to normal.

I woke up feeling like I had a sore throat coming on Sunday 25th October and I had a bit of a headache. During the night my ankle had hurt a little and had kept me awake but now the pain had gone. The storm we had been expecting, which had started as a typhoon and caused damage in the Philippines, had not hit Phong Nha. It was raining but it was nowhere near the heaviness of the last lot of weather – we were very lucky this time. Captain Caveman brought me a pot of tea in bed and then went down to cook breakfast. I had just started drinking my jasmine tea when I was called to come down for my bacon and mushroom breakfast. Trying to be healthy I also had a banana after breakfast and then went to write some blogs while eating gluten free and sugar free chocolate cookies. I spent most of the morning resting up and I finished Interior Design Masters on Netflix which I really enjoyed, even though I didn’t think the winner was that good. By lunch time I was coming round a bit and my throat was much better so Captain Caveman made one of his specialities, carbonara (with gluten free pasta for me, spaghetti for him) and we opened a bottle of red wine from Puglia. It was ok but I wouldn’t buy it again, just as we were tucking in Ben and Bich arrived bringing provisions for the kids and they laughed at our indulgence – well it was Sunday!!! Michael was giddy because he was ready to watch more films and went over to invite Melissa and her family. While Captain Caveman got involved with Harry Potter 6 I went to do my Vietnamese on Duolingo but fell asleep.
At 5pm the Ministry of Health sent everyone a text (in Vietnamese but it could be translated easily via Google translate) giving some useful post flood advice. Captain Caveman borrowed Veronika’s motorbike and went to the Lake House to collect some sourdough bread and when he got back we had it for dinner. Strangely, I wasn’t ill after it and I started to wonder if my intolerance to gluten was being replaced by an intolerance to dairy – could this even happen!?

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