Although I still had no driver or physio session booked for Friday 23rd October we decided we probably needed to get some essentials as we were running low. Captain Caveman booked a car through Thang who he hires his motorbikes with and our alarm was set for 7am. I’d been awake since 4am because of the dog barking again and had trouble getting out of bed! There would be no Harry Potter today as one of the kids had to go to school but it had been promised for over the weekend so we needed more popcorn! The next storm was on its way and was meant to be likely to cause more wind and rain in our area. Our first stop was at Co-op Mart where I headed straight for the massage chair while Captain Caveman did the shopping. It was a fairly warm, dry day and so I decided not to take my crutches at all, for the first time. The supermarket was so quiet, I had 12 minutes for 20,000 vnd (66p) on the chair and loved it – this time I was better prepared and took jewelry off. I was quite proud of myself at getting on and off the escalator without a crutch too. Our next stop was the new supermarket, Tuan Viet Gourmet, so I could restock the gluten free sugar free chocolate cookies. The organic shop was next and they were still stocking the shop, they apologised that they were out of beef because they had been flooded. Captain Caveman, never to be beaten on top trumps, showed the assistant a video of the Phong Nha floods and she was completely stunned in to silence – we still didn’t get any meat! At the Red supermarket they had some late 90’s pop music in the form of the Venga Boys blaring out to an almost empty street and a very quiet shop. I had a little dance on the way in, had to be helped up and down the steps where they had a safety carpet. We found sweet corn and tuna (requested by the neighbours) and on the way back to the car I had to have a dance and a sing to Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! At the pharmacy near the hospital there was a bit of a queue so I waited in the car listening to dance music while Captain Caveman stocked up on all the essentials. I thought we were going to grab breakfast at Tree Hugger but unfortunately Captain Caveman got a call to pick up a tool from the place near to the physio instead.

On our return to Phong Nha Captain Caveman took the tuna and seaweed to Melissa and asked if he could borrow her motorbike to head to Phong Nha to deliver the tool and a couple of brooms while I caught up with some tasks. On the way back he called at the Lake House to buy another couple of loaves of fresh bread. In the evening we had White Russians all round and agreed that we were probably the luckiest 3 people in town. For dinner we all had soup and was pretty grateful for homemade food and fresh bread. We had added potatoes, red cabbage and good old Henderson’s relish to the remaining beef and lentil soup – that sorted it out!

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