On Friday 6th November, after getting up at 6.15am, going to physio for a couple of hours and then coming back to a late breakfast of fruit and yoghurt I had a mini health scare. I had a really bad stomach and, to spare you the details, thought I may have signs of bowel cancer but it turns out too much red dragon fruit can give you the impression you are passing blood in a dimly lit bathroom! An hour later I was fine, feeling hungry again and had drawn the conclusion that yoghurt just isn’t for me! I made a tub of popcorn and I watched some house programme with Captain Caveman before my zoom call with Ruth. My second online session with Ruth went well apart from me needing the toilet half way through and not being able to walk on my tip toes at all. Following our call she went away and followed it up with an exercise plan which I received while I was out.
Ben, Bich, the kids and all the Farmstay guests picked up the 3 of us and the 5 neighbours and we had a full sunshine bus to The Villas for all you can eat pizza. When we arrived a large table was set up ready for us all and it was pouring with rain. The staff came out with umbrellas and I was helped up the wet steps. Captain Caveman and I  shared a bottle of wine and the pizzas were excellent. The night went well and we all had a great time. I checked my exercise plan from Ruth which looked impressive and I decided to start it tomorrow, not after a wine or two!

Captain Caveman had to work on Saturday 7th November and so he was up and about early. Corona stats in Europe were becoming even more worrying as the UK was now ranked 8th for cases and still in 5th place for deaths. Turkey was in 26th for cases and 21st for deaths but Turkey was not in lockdown and bars were all still open until 10pm. In Vietnam we rarely get news about Europe but today there were concerns about the increase in deaths there. In Vietnam the news of the floodings continued and Hoi An was affected again quite badly. Here we were lucky again and things were back to normal for a bit longer. I was eager to start my new exercise plan which would cover the next 2 weeks and I got straight in to it. I found the exercises all very challenging except for the one where I had to lay on my side and lift up my leg, but she did say I would. Because the day was racing on, and the cleaners were in the kitchen, I had orange juice, snickers and jasmine tea for a very late breakfast and Captain Caveman was back in time for lunch. We had fresh sourdough bread – one piece with raspberry jam on and the other with peanut butter for me and I suspect he had marmite involved with his.
While I got on and did some ‘work’ in the afternoon Captain Caveman watched house programmes then russelled up a mushroom risotto for dinner. We had company in the evening when Hien and Bich came round with wine and nibbles. It was a lovely evening with lots of laughs and some nice wine.

If you’re interested in how Vietnamese News writes about Europe , check this out:

I woke on Sunday 8th November to news that Trump had lost the American election and was now contesting the votes! Captain Caveman was off early to work as he was off on a set up trip in Tu Lan, ready for the start of the Oxalis Adventure tours the next day. I got up early and decided to make a beef stew – frying beef before I’d eaten breakfast was a bit odd but I got it done and then went to the Farmstay. Melissa and the family were already there and were occupying a rather lovely and massive sofa in front of the fire so I joined them for breakfast. I decided I would really put the apparent cure of gluten intolerance to the test by having American pancakes with honey. Aaliyah was already eating her’s and they did look good so I ordered them with a juice and a green tea. I really enjoyed them and I was ok for maybe 30 minutes after eating them but then I had the usual gluten effects. When Captain Caveman got back from work we opened a bottle of red wine and ate some of the beef stew with sourdough bread, it tasted nice but the Vietnamese don’t do great beef and I found it had too much sinew in to be able to eat it. It did have carrot, potato, onion and mushrooms in so I mainly ate that. I did my exercises before bed and was pleased to manage 36 seconds of standing on my bad leg (with my eyes open) – that was more progress.

Photo credit – The Villas for the pizza night photos

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