Phuong was busy on Monday 9th November so he arranged for another driver, Le, to pick me up at 6.45am to go to my physio session in Dong Hoi. Captain Caveman came with me as he needed to go to the bank and then planned to do some shopping. Today was no ordinary Monday in my little world; my current visa had expired, Oxalis Adventure had restarted their tours and (shockingly) D-Dub was leaving Phong Nha and not just in a normal way. He had decided to walk to his next home town of Danang which is almost 300km away. He was doing Movember and donating the money to charity which we hadn’t yet donated to because we had missed his party at Momma D’s on Saturday. He was leaving Phong Nha early so we decided to keep a look out for him in either direction so we could say bye. We also decided we would go to Danang to see D-Dub, he’s such a nice bloke and easily in the top 3 of eligible blokes in town. After physio I was hungry, thirsty and needing a pee so we decided to go to Tree Hugger for breakfast. I had a delicious peach tea and ordered fried veggie spring rolls while, of course, Captain Caveman devoured an egg sandwich. Le, the driver, came back to pick us up and I took 3 leftover spring rolls home.

On the way back I had almost forgotten to look for D-Dub when Captain Caveman reminded me, I looked out the window and we had just zoomed past him. We shouted stop, Le did, and Captain Caveman ran back to donate money from us and Veronika and say bye. It was too far for me to walk so I waited by the car and asked for a photo – I should have given him my remaining spring rolls in case he was peckish. Instead I had them for lunch and then bugged Captain Caveman to come for a walk round the block with me.

Veronika walked with us to the end of the road and then she walked to the Farmstay and we went the same route as last time, round the block. I did ok and just had one set back when my knee needed a bit of a rub to keep it going but, overall, I was pleased with the slow progress. I took 20 minutes to walk on dry ground for 500 metres.

A short video of me walking (by Captain Caveman)

I was also peckish when we got back so I decided to have a crisp sandwich for a snack. We shared a bottle of fizz and Captain Caveman made a beef stew with peppers and potatoes for dinner. He was off to Phong Nha village the next morning so we planned to have breakfast at The Villas because I hadn’t had pho for breakfast for a whole month and it’s one of my favourites.

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