The week started well and on Monday 16th November I got confirmation that my visa had been extended until the 9th December, which I was grateful for even though it would cost quite a bit. Phuong was going to his brother-in-law’s wedding today and wouldn’t be available so I booked Le to go to Dong Hoi for physio. Tatas was off to the dentist in Dong Hoi and so we arranged for her to get picked up first. I’d not seen her for such a long time and so it was good to catch up on the way. When I got to physio it was still lunch time as I was 20 minutes early so I just waited, while doing some Vietnamese on Duolingo. Le picked me back up at 4pm as we had to get back to Phong Nha where Captain Caveman was taking me out for dinner. Veronika joined us for food at Phong Nha Farmstay where there was some excitement – the menu was being put on a QR code which you scan with your phone, instead of being passed a menu to read. Veronika ordered the Banh Xeo (a crispy pancake) with seafood and I took a video of how it should be eaten, the two of us had a pizza each and we all shared a bottle of red wine. I managed to eat all of my pulled pork and pesto pizza, the first one I’ve had at the Farmstay and I really enjoyed it but was so full!

VIDEO Banh Xeo – how it’s done at Phong Nha Farmstay

Photos at Phong Nha Farmstay with Captain Caveman, Bich & Veronika

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