I had buttered toast again for breakfast on Tuesday 17th November and I offered to make Captain Caveman something different for dinner again. We had been trying for weeks to find mince to make a Bolognese but it just isn’t available anywhere so I thought of a veggie alternative made with lentils. He declined my kind offer and I said he could make dinner instead. It was hot outside and the cleaners were in giving the place a full going over while I got on with languages and some blogging. For lunch I had a banana and an apple, then I got picked up at 1pm by Phuong’s Transfers (as usual) for my trip to physio in Dong Hoi. The physio went well and the trapped nerve in my lower leg was getting slightly more bearable when they pressed it, but only just.
When I got home I was greeted by a bottle of chilled bubbles and a very tasty chicken dinner, made by a badly barbered Captain Caveman. For dessert we had rice pudding again, it was becoming a favourite, even though the milk definitely made my stomach bad.

Phuong’s Transfers – great vehicle and service!

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