Captain Caveman had over exerted himself with all the action from the Saigon Children’s Charity Cycling Adventures over the weekend. On Tuesday 24th November he was still in bed when I left for physio – at 1pm! I’d had no breakfast but I had made myself some rice with vegetables for lunch and had some crisps as snacks. I didn’t feel guilty about the crisps as we were trying to help support the Phong Nha Shop and Go by buying as many as possible.  
It was Matty’s last day at the Farmstay and we didn’t get to see him off – he had promised he would be back soon, though, and there was talk of him being up for Christmas. When I walked in to the clinic I spotted some weighing scales near the door and decided to get weighed. It had been 6 weeks since I had got weighed and was pleased to see I was even lighter with just 2.5kg left to go until I reached a ‘normal’ weight. The physio went well and when I got home I made myself ill by having a Snickers which no longer agreed with me. Captain Caveman had been watching Netflix most of the afternoon but then made chicken with potatoes and peppers for dinner. I decided not to bother with any alcohol and tried to drink as much water as possible.

I read an interesting article in the news when I woke up on Wednesday 25th November; Quantas were the first airline to announce that having a Corona vaccine would be made a condition to be allowed to fly with them. I imagined most airlines would follow suit and if any of us wanted to get on a plane once the vaccine was readily available, then we would have to have it. Captain Caveman made us a fry up with the left over potatoes and peppers from last night and some bacon and mushrooms. I had 3 lots of jasmine tea and sat outside in the sun finishing off some crisps from yesterday. My eczema had flared up again and I suspected that while my stomach seemed to be handling bread now, the wheat was aggravating my skin, along with the eggs and dairy I kept trying! We had tortilla for lunch with pickles and then decided to go for a walk around the block. I took the crutches again and this time I was so pleased to get my best time yet; 12 mins to complete 500 metres – yet more progress!
At 5pm I logged in to a free Virtual Training session on Artificial Intelligence and, although I found it interesting in parts, it was a bit full on for me. For dinner Captain Caveman cooked chicken with steamed rice, sweet corn and asparagus and it was delicious. We shared some M&Ms while he watched some programme on Netflix.

Video of me walking – more progress
Video of cows overtaking me
Captain Caveman and Mr Ky, the dog.

On Thursday 26th November Captain Caveman cooked breakfast (I had bacon and mushrooms) and then I did some more work on the Artificial Intelligence job as well as more training courses. I made some popcorn and had some of it instead of lunch before getting picked up at 1pm for my trip to Dong Hoi for physio. I had my usual physio session and now I make sure I spend as much of the session doing Vietnamese lessons on Duolingo, this is definitely a sign I’m progressing as I wasn’t able to concentrate on it when the therapy was really painful. Captain Caveman had come with me and Phuong in the car and they had gone off to do the weekly shopping and have coffee while I was busy.
Back home I cracked open a cold Strongbow and Captain Caveman had a Huda with our East Hill chicken combo which arrived right on time. I even saved some chicken for the next day this time and it was as tasty as always. For dessert Captain Caveman had brought us a treat of a Snickers Oats which was a nice idea but we both agreed it’s probably the worst thing you can do to a snickers – it was terrible!

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