I had changed my physio schedule this week and so on Monday 23rd November I was able to stay in Phong Nha. Captain Caveman went for breakfast at the Farmstay with the cyclists who were still here after the charity event. He had volunteered to take the ones who wanted to go, to Phong Nha cave. Most of the team were leaving this afternoon and a few the next day so Captain Caveman was making the most of having some like-minded men around while he could. I had toast for breakfast and then did more of the Artificial Intelligence work that I had completed more  training on. Captain Caveman came back, having been for pizza at The Villas again, but forgot to bring me any takeaway lunch so I just had crisps. In the afternoon we went to Phong Nha Farmstay where Captain Caveman and I shared some spring rolls and I had a ginger beer. Later I had a salami pizza, Captain Caveman had pie and chips and I had one glass of wine.
Elements Collection had been having some sprucing up and the lads had replaced all the damaged lanterns then added new ones to jazz up the large car port.
It was lovely being able to go out for dinner on a Monday night. A lot of my friends and family back home (in England) were getting bored now of being unable to go out at all and I know we are so lucky to be in Vietnam right now. I had another online course booked in for 10.30pm that night and unfortunately fell asleep before it started and missed it.

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