I couldn’t believe my luck on Friday 27th November; not only was I weighing the lightest I had been this year, my measurements turned out to be pretty favourable too. I had lost 1cm from bust, waist, hips and thigh this week which was very surprising and must have been on account of the exercise I was now getting – I’d even started to do my exercises more often on days where I didn’t have a walk or therapy. Captain Caveman made me the best breakfast sandwich I can remember having; bacon and mushrooms on soft fresh baguette. After breakfast I caught up on some Turkish and some Vietnamese then did a spot of Artificial Intelligence online work before breaking off for a chicken baguette for lunch with Captain Caveman. I was now convinced that my gluten allergy had disappeared as two lots of French bread had been consumed and not even a twinge of tummy ache had been felt, I wasn’t even bloated!

Check out the Kahuna’s Kommunity fayre Facebook page for the next event: https://fb.me/e/b1LNv22NJ

Captain Caveman needed to go to Oxalis about something work related so I decided, as it was a nice day, to get a lift with him and go to Victory Road Villas for the afternoon. I’d just ordered a drink when Momma D arrived in a bit of a hurry and I went to ask her what she was up to. She was booked on the 4.20pm bus to Hoi An and she had plans to visit the Kahuna’s Kommunity fayre where business owners go to promote their businesses. She would share a friend’s table and was making a badge to wear which said ‘Ask me about Phong Nha’. Despite Vietnam being closed to incoming International tourists since March there were still domestic tourists and, with the holiday season coming up, Momma D was hoping to promote Phong Nha to westerners in Hoi An. I experienced a first for me in my leg progress when Momma D dropped some business cards and leaflets and I was able to pick some up off the floor by bending my knees – more progress. We said bye, as she was in a rush to get ready for her journey and only had a couple of hours before she left.
Back inside the bar area I had a couple of cups of oolong tea while catching up on some blog writing in the calm atmosphere of The Villas restaurant. By the time Happy Hour and a Half started at 4.30pm, Captain Caveman had already joined me and I decided a sangria was in order. Ha, the waitress, makes a great sangria with lots of bite-sized fresh fruit which makes it a healthy choice and one of my five a day. Captain Caveman was on the margaritas and we had a few bowls of free popcorn too, but we didn’t eat too much as we needed to save room for all you can eat pizza night at 6pm. I enjoyed the sangria so much that I had 3 of them!

Drifter arrived, ordered a milky tea and joined us, Colin arrived next and got a cold beer. Lesley and Mark were the next to arrive and while the blokes drank beer I shared wine with Lesley. Melissa, Rimaha and 2 of her kids came next but Veronika hadn’t made it out tonight. Bich, Ben and the kids were there but they sat inside tonight as the big table was already full of pizza lovers.
Hanh, from D’Arts Bun Cha restaurant in Phong Nha was moving to Hoi An and so we had saved her a seat next to me – I’d also invited Tatas, who couldn’t make it in the end. The pizza was really good and we had lots of different ones to try and I had no gluten or cheese effects whatsoever!! The pizza slices just kept coming for as long as you can eat them and I completely lost count of how many I had. They even have a Momma D’s pizza, created by the one and only, and is pretty tasty. For 150,000 vnd (less than an English fiver), which includes a beer or soft drink, this is such good value if you love pizza. Despite my cunning plan of wearing baggy fitting clothes I was still very stuffed and quite tipsy from the wine after Lesley insisted we order a second bottle of wine! It was a good night and some of us organised to do something for Hanh’s actual leaving party on Monday. It was good to catch up with friends I’d not seen for a while and relax at The Villas.

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