I was happy on Saturday 28th November that I got to stay in bed for a bit longer after Captain Caveman had left to go to Oxalis Home to meet his caving colleagues for breakfast. When I did get up I had a banana for breakfast and read up on the news. In Vietnam, drug dealers were served the death sentence and in Turkey the reporting of Corona cases was now including asymptomatic people who tested positive (they hadn’t been up to now). For lunch I had popcorn and while a lot of my mates in Hoi An and Danang were heading off to Kahuna’s Kommunity fayre I went to Dong Hoi. Captain Caveman and I had been to the Kahuna’s event in the summer and really enjoyed all the food and drink stalls, as well as meeting friends but this time we couldn’t go.
Phuong, of Phuong’s Transfers, picked me up at 1pm, and I went to physio for a good session. I was finding that the therapy was getting more and more tolerable and that my leg felt more sturdy afterwards.
Back home Captain Caveman had made a mushroom risotto and opened a bottle of sparkling wine for dinner. A dragonfly was in the kitchen and seemed to be fascinated by our kettle wire and the wall. That night I checked how my BMI measurement was improving and was surprised to find I had gone from 28.6 to 25.7, I was still overweight but only just. At bedtime Captain Caveman was very tired and had an early start again the next morning so he wasn’t too pleased with me finding a snail on the outside of the bathroom window more interesting than he did.

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