Captain Caveman had arranged a day trip out to Canh Duong on Friday 11th December. He had decided to take his motorbike to the coastal fishing village to scope out more cycle routes and had invited Matty along. I got up early so that we could all have breakfast at the Farmstay before they left, I had a delicious pho bo and an orange juice and then sat around for a bit, trying to do some blogging. I also checked out some flight prices and availability to fly to Turkey on New Year’s Eve (it’s always cheaper to fly on a holiday day) and to my surprise there was one available for only £400 one way. There were also flights from Vietnam to the UK in March available at a bargain £1800 one way, the cheapest ones obviously had the longest lay overs in the Middle East, which I didn’t fancy. Ben updated the Farmstay blackboard and had reintroduced Chef’s Table on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Farmstay, where a selection of Vietnamese food comes out and is shared by whoever has booked a seat at the dining table – I’d not experienced it before so I said we would go to the Monday one. I also noticed a new pile of books in the book swap and reminded myself to get on with the books I had been meaning to read! Veronika arrived after walking here and we both had a carrot cake and tea then she walked the 2km home while I got a lift back.

After doing a bit of work it was time for me to get ready for pizza night at The Villas (again) and the evening was a quiet one, without a few of the usual suspects being there, but very enjoyable nonetheless. It was warm enough to sit outside and the pizzas just kept on coming, I lost count of how many slices we had and my favourite one is still the Showstopper – blue cheese, prosciutto, spring onion and jam!

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