Apart from the wallabies and wombats playing chicken in the road between Devonport and Kempton, I had not seen many of the infmamous animals of Australia. Captain Caveman booked us tickets to the wildlife park at Darling Harbour and we had an amazing day out for his last one in Sydney. It started with breakfast at Tokio which had amazing gluten free bread. Our first animals were snakes, wombats and wallabies – we even got to stroke the wombat who was eating corn and sweet potato for breakfast.  He also had a container with fruit in which came out when he rolled it. The wallabies were cute but we weren’t able to touch them because they can bite.

The cassowary was such a cool bird and the first time I’d ever seen one. It shared his enclosure with a pademelon, who was really sweet too. I liked the reptiles and I really wanted to see a koala but so far I had only seen a sleeping one from behind. We got to walk through the kangaroo enclosure and saw a quoll too.

Finally, the highlight of the day was seeing the koalas. They were really lovely. My phone storage was full so Captain Caveman took the photos of the koalas and then again at the sharks and rays.  We stood in tubes under the water and watched the creatures swim above us which was really beautiful. 
Just when you’d think the day couldn’t possibly get any better we stopped off at a Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction to purchase an electrical item and a Barbie Mate. We would take the new purchase along with our recently purchased new suitcase back to Phong Nha – I was so excited to have a slow cooker.
In the evening, and after food, I said goodbye to Captain Caveman as he left for the airport and headed back to Vietnam.  I had one more day in Sydney left.

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