My last day in Bronte was a fairly lazy one. Tuesday 8th January was a hot day after rain in the night and I was sad to be leaving Australia. It had certainly been an eventful month in the country and I definitely wanted to return. I packed my big suitcase with the slow cooker in it, which would eventually end up in Turkey. The views from the apartment were stunning and I admired it for the last time. In the afternoon Llinos and I had a walk to get roast chicken and salad which we brought home and shared with a bottle of chilled white wine. After reluctant goodbyes following a slow walk to the bus stop with my heavy case I was off to the airport.

All went well with my flight to KL except for being in a window seat, which I like the least. I was due to land at 3am and would have 7 hours until my next flight, to Vietnam.

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