I had buttered toast for breakfast in bed on Saturday 12th December as we had an exciting weekend lined up. We had booked to stay at the Nam Long Plus hotel in Dong Hoi that night and so we booked Phuong (of Phuong’s Transfers) to take us in time for lunch at Tree Hugger cafe before my physio appointment. I had a beef and veg brown rice plate for my lunch while Captain Caveman had a burger for a change. Whenever we go to Dong Hoi to stay we have to fit in a visit to Tree Hugger as it is just so relaxed and friendly with a great menu. I had a few herbal teas too then walked to the hotel before setting off for physio. I often choose the Nam Long Plus hotel as the staff are lovely, they have a lift, it’s good value for money, in a great location and has softer mattresses than some budget hotels.

At physio my therapist was Nam, who has been doing my therapy from the start and knows my leg well, he massaged my lower leg and it really hurt, especially where there is obviously a trapped nerve or some problem with my sciatic nerve being pressed which still makes my toes feel like they have an electric shock. I tried my best to focus on Vietnamese language lessons on my phone but found it confusing. Thuy had already prepared another treat for me and this time I couldn’t carry it; she had given me a gift of rice, sticky rice, a jar of crushed peanuts, as well as some meat – I was gobsmacked at such a generous gift. Back at the hotel Captain Caveman and the taxi driver had to help me get all the food in to the building, it was that heavy. I had time for a bath and then we decided to walk to one of my favourite restaurants, 7th Heaven, for dinner.

Today was probably the most I had walked since my accident and I was so slow and stiff but I did it. Captain Caveman ordered chicken cordon bleu, I went for the steak and we shared sweet potato fries as a starter. We also had a nice bottle of red wine and the owner, Tam, showed me that taking food photos on portrait mode makes a better picture. The evening was great and I really enjoyed the night out, we went to bed looking forward to what our Sunday had in store for us.

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