It was a glorious sunny day on Monday 28th December, Captain Caveman and Veronika had gone for another day of walking and I stayed at home doing my usual daily tasks. My breakfast was sourdough, I had cheese, crackers and walnuts for lunch and I got some chicken out of the freezer and decided I would cook a chicken curry for dinner, even though Captain Caveman had been to the Pub with Cold Beer for a chicken lunch with Veronika, Matty, Ben and some Farmstay guests. When he got back he wanted to go to the Farmstay for sunset and drinks so we went along for one and we got to see a farmer washing his buffalo after a hard day of ploughing in the rice paddies. I came back to start cooking, leaving Captain Caveman to have some more beers and talk walking routes with Veronika and Matty. The recipe I followed said to put 2 teaspoons of curry powder in but it didn’t taste strong enough so I put 6 in and it still wasn’t very curry-tasting.
At last I managed to speak to my parents to wish them a ‘Happy Christmas’ as we hadn’t been able to match times to call on actual Christmas Day and the 7 hours time different can be a pain! Speaking to them made my day and I was relieved to hear they had a good time despite restricting their movements over the festive period.
The curry was edible but was more like a creamy sauce than what I expected so I wouldn’t have it again.

Captain Caveman had caught a bad cold and was very snotty on Tuesday 29th December but still went to do some work. I had buttered toast for brunch and kept using a bit too much hand sanitizer! For dinner we had booked in for shepherd’s pie night (again) at Phong Nha Farmstay, this time with extra veg and a bottle of red wine. One of the organisers from Saigon Children’s Charity was back with his family and so we had a chat with him. Captain Caveman was due to go to Ho Chi Minh later in January and if I could find a way to have my passport back in time, I would go too.

Wednesday 30th December was pretty much a duvet day for both of us. The temperature had dropped again and we were both now under the weather. Captain Caveman was quite bad and didn’t speak all day except for when made to. I now had a sore throat and kept going hot and cold so we both stayed in bed as much as possible. I made Captain Caveman cheese on toast with the last of the cheese and I had the last of my gluten free cereal for a late breakfast. We each had a Snickers for lunch then for dinner Captain Caveman braved a trip out of bed to the kitchen. Because we had not had a shopping trip in a while we had hardly anything in and the sausages we were going to have were off, so we went to the Farmstay for dinner again. Captain Caveman had a salami pizza which looked amazing but he’d had it with extra chillies so I couldn’t have any. I decided to have the pork casserole with steamed rice and vegetables because I felt I needed some goodness, something healthy. It was really tasty and I managed to eat it all and started to feel a bit better. I was meant to have gone to physio but I’d felt too sick and didn’t want to pass on my germs to anyone! It was an early night as Captain Caveman had a busy new year’s eve to go to, with 2 parties, so I hoped we would both be feeling better.

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