Captain Caveman was working on Saturday 26th December, Boxing Day, and was off to Hang Va for 2 days. I had set my alarm for 8am and Tatas was already awake when I went in to the living room so we headed off to the Farmstay for breakfast – I had pho bo. I needed to get back for some important tasks so I left, armed with a box of wine, to take home and said I would be back later to see Melissa and her family off – they were leaving for Phu Quoc. I got on with my work in the afternoon and chilled out at home before going back to the Farmstay around 3pm for the goodbyes. I decided to have a cider and went out to the pool to watch the sunset and chat to some of the other guests. The workers were out doing the tough job of working the rice fields, either with a buffalo or a machine, either way it was very muddy and looked like extremely hard work. Bich and some of her helpers were busy planting lettuces and were getting stuck in with it in the beautiful sunshine. We were lucky to be still drinking cider as one of the famous Farmstay sunsets started and so I managed a few photos. Soon enough it was time to go to the all you can eat pizza night, which had been moved from Friday to Saturday, at The Villas. There were quite a few of us at Pizza night and I had a good laugh trying to keep up on the number of slices and ciders with Luc. As it was Ben’s birthday we went back to the Phong Nha Farmstay for birthday celebrations and a bit of cake, which I couldn’t manage a full piece of.

It got as hot as 27°C on Sunday 27th December, here in Phong Nha, which was lovely after the cold spell. I had cereal for breakfast and I didn’t bother with lunch as I knew, with it being Sunday, we would be having a big Sunday dinner at the Phong Nha Farmstay later. I went to the Farmstay to say bye to Annette and her friend as they left for the airport at 4pm and we all hoped for a return visit, having had such a good laugh together. Captain Caveman had returned from his Hang Va trip and came straight to the Farmstay where we had a starter of fresh veggie spring rolls for me and chicken quesadillas for him. The Sunday roast dinner was as satisfying as usual and we left full and happy to have had a rather civilised evening with Veronika and her family.

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