It was a stressful day on Friday 22nd January and it wasn’t helped by Captain Caveman being a bit shouty first thing in the morning, for no apparent reason.
Phuong, of Phuong’s Transfers, picked us up at 9.45am and then we went to pick up Shannon, Stu, Max and Jack as we were all off to GuiGui and Stephanie’s wedding at the Royal King in Dong Hoi. There were hundreds of people going and it looked to be a big posh event, Bich had kindly saved 2 seats for Captain Caveman and I very near to the speakers, while the others went upstairs at the massive indoor venue. The food came out straight away and I tried to watch the ceremony and eat at the same time, there were some professional singers and even a violinist. I ate 1 big prawn, a piece of chicken, 2 prawn crackers, some sticky rice, some meat and a few chips, plus I had Tiger Crystal beer to toast with. The bride looked stunning and the groom and the rest of the party all looked very dapper. Shockingly we had been there only 50 minutes when everyone started leaving already and it was time to go and get photos taken with the happy couple. Even though the venue was very upmarket the floor was a greasy, slippy mess and it took me a while to walk to the toilet and back. When I got back there was only a handful of people still around, we waited for our turn to get photos and then I checked my messages to see what my plans would be for the rest of the day.

I had messaged Kimmie about my passport but still no word so Captain Caveman and I decided to go to Tree Hugger and wait there until the time for the flight. We got dropped off by Phuong, who then went back to Phong Nha with Shannon and family. Outside Tree Hugger were Momma D and Davis, sat having coffees and so we joined them. I ordered a peach tea while Momma D went back to the Nam Long Plus hotel to get Kevin, her new puppy, who was being cared for by the staff.
I still didn’t hear from Kimmie and I was on my second White Russian when it was time for Captain Caveman to leave for the airport and I was absolutely gutted to be missing the trip. Veronika and Captain Caveman had arranged to meet that night with Annette to have a Mexican dinner and I was so cheesed off that I wasn’t going!

To go back to Phong Nha I decided to try An’s new grab car (which is only 50,000vnd per person, one way, in a shared car) and even though it was meant to leave Dong Hoi at 3pm, they were still able to get me so I waited outside until 3.20pm. There were already 2 women in the car with An and we picked up 2 men from a bar, Quynh and Hung, who were drunk after carrying on drinking since the wedding. By 3.50pm we were leaving the airport after picking up a mother and screaming daughter. An hour later we were still travelling but dropped Quynh, from The Duck Stop, first while Hung had an impressive 7 minute pee at the back of the car. I was also desperately needing a pee by this time too but waited as we dropped Hung off at Karst Villas and then headed to Phong Nha town.

I decided to go straight to Victory Road Villas for Happy Hour and a half with Tatas before pizza night. I finally got there at 4.50pm, having taken longer than it usually would, but it was cheap. Luc, Colin and Matty also joined us and we had a fair few margaritas and a good laugh as I tried to forget about my passport issue and not being in Saigon. Unfortunately I got a message a bit too late to say that my passport had actually arrived in time for the same flight as Captain Caveman – I wasn’t happy but at least I could go tomorrow instead! Because we were drinking a fair few cocktails at The Villas before the all you can eat pizza night, which is a bargain for any pizza lover at 150,000vnd, I didn’t eat as many slices as usual but I still managed about 6 or 7 – even Tatas managed more than usual and shared a salad with Luc. It was a good night, finished off with me falling asleep as soon as I lay on my bed, still with some clothes on and the bedside light! I think I might have a hangover tomorrow, those cocktails were too good!

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