My phone had been playing up, was running out of space and all my notes pages that I tried to edit were unable to show the content, on Thursday 21st January. Captain Caveman had bought me a new, bigger SD card and so I decided to put that in to my phone, taking out the old one. This caused an issue with all my photos being labelled as today’s date which I had no idea how annoying it would make my blogging until later. All my videos disappeared completely and I still couldn’t access Keep Notes, despite being able to see the thumbnails. This also meant all my passwords were lost too and I was in a mood. I added a new notes app so that I could start again, I missed breakfast and I still wasn’t feeling too well. Veronika had decided she was off to Saigon for a few days and booked her flight for that afternoon, Captain Caveman’s flight was booked for Friday afternoon and I still had no idea if I would get my passport back in time so I couldn’t book my flight. The visa agent, Kimmie, messaged me just before lunch with a photo of my passport and visa stamp and to say my passport might be back tomorrow afternoon as it was leaving Hanoi today. I had a small cheese sandwich for lunch and then packed a bag in the hope I would go to Saigon. Captain Caveman prepared a pork casserole in the rice cooker and went to Phong Nha town while I got peckish and finished off the sweet peanut and ginger snack Thuy had given us. My exercise plan was getting a bit easier even though I still couldn’t do a press up or a lunge despite attempting them every other day and the stepping one was a bit hit and miss.
When the casserole was ready Captain Caveman was back and brought it upstairs so we could watch a bit of Netflix on the big TV, while eating it and finishing off some red wine. We watched Man on a Ledge which was ok and fairly enjoyable.

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