If you’re a larger lady in the bust department then I’m sure you will appreciate what a great day Sunday 24th January was for me – and for once it didn’t involve a Sunday dinner! Before we had even got out of bed Captain Caveman decided to book our return flights from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Hoi, the holidays were approaching and so the prices were increasing and we may as well get it booked. The first customer Son Doong tour for Captain Caveman was on Sunday 30th January but he needed to be back for his briefing on the 29th, initially we had thought we may stay in Dong Hoi on the way back and so the flight got booked for Wednesday 27th January (this would later turn out to be a stroke of luck despite me thinking it was a day earlier than we needed).
Annette had recommended Eden cafe, District 7, for our breakfast or brunch and as we were staying in a basic hotel, Bin Bin 1, near to where Captain Caveman had his cycling event it seemed like a good idea. We had to wait a bit for a taxi and Grab was impossible to get in that area, plus the driver we did get managed to knock an old lady off her motorbike when we pulled up at the cafe, she was ok but there was some shouting. Luckily Annette had managed to free up some time between doing work to join us and we all found the menu had so much choice it was hard to decide what to have. I had a feast; a pot of earl grey tea (with milk), bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms, and a hash brown which was all so good. Annette had smoked salmon on avocado muffins and Captain Caveman had a stuffed pancake – it is a nice cafe and I would definitely go back if I was in District 7 again.

Annette mentioned there was a shopping centre not too far away and the two things I desperately needed could be found there at the Vivo City, so off we went. I got a couple of cheap notebooks from Daiso, and then we went to Uniqlo so that I could get bras. I was also looking for swimwear as I hadn’t brought any but our next hotel happened to have a pool. I had measured myself according to the store’s size chart and went to try on a selection of bras, all of which were far too small, one of which I almost needed cutting out of. I went to look for a bigger size but unfortunately there was only one bra in the biggest they did, in the design I wanted and it was so high up I had to get Captain Caveman to come get it down for me. I bought 2 pairs of knickers and an extra large vest top with a fitted bra bit, so it would do for swimming in, and the biggest bra in the shop – I was so excited to finally have a new bra. We said our goodbyes to Annette and went to meet Keith, from Grimsby, and his mate at Phuc Long Coffee shop. It was about 300m from the shopping centre down a quiet street and I managed the walk, very slowly. I had an iced peach tea on the top floor and we chatted a bit before Captain Caveman got invited along to watch a football match that night with the two blokes and some of their friends. I intended to meet up with Veronika and Captain Caveman had chosen a decent hotel not too far from her’s to make it a bit easier for the elderly and the disabled.

The Silverland Charner hotel in District 1  was very nice but could have done with a bit of a spruce up. Captain Caveman had booked a suite which had a bath in the room and a Japanese style toilet so I was excited. The bed was comfy, we had good pillows and good sized bath towels too. Veronika and I didn’t meet for dinner as it happens because neither of us wanted to walk too far so Captain Caveman helped me locate a place near to me that I could easily walk to and we also decided to go for a drink before the football to do a recky. I’m glad we did as we found a gorgeous little cocktail bar called Leon, so close to the hotel and we had a Manhattan and a Cosmopolitan, both of which were fantastic, and the popcorn was welcomed as I got hungry.

While the lads were at the football I took myself off to a Greek place, called Hellas, and had a starter of fava beans and a main of chicken shish with chips and flat bread, it was the nearest to Turkish food I’d had in a while too so I was happy and, as the portion size was generous, I brought some back to the hotel for Captain Caveman. When Captain Caveman got back he was so happy to have been to his first match and he had been given a football shirt – he loves a free shirt. He was also starving and polished off the Greek food quickly. My first full day in Saigon had been eventful and I was grateful to have a bra and have the freedom we have right now – we know we are extremely lucky in Vietnam.

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