Captain Caveman was on a 90km cycling day to a brewery all day on Saturday 23rd January and so I arranged to go straight to Veronika’s hotel in District 1, about 30 minutes from the airport, by taxi in rush hour. Saigon was hot and humid, even at 5.30pm I was warm in just a t-shirt. In the taxi Captain Caveman called me and said he would come to meet us for dinner and would get there around the same time. The fare to the Majestic Hotel was 200,000vnd (£6.40 ish) and when I arrived Annette was also there. Captain Caveman arrived in a sozzled mess and thought he had lost his bank card (which he hadn’t) so we had a short walk to a restaurant nearby called Jasper’s. I ordered chicken fajitas, seeing as I had missed the Mexican the previous night, Captain Caveman and Annette had massive burgers with chips and Veronika had chicken with spinach and mashed potatoes. Everyone but Annette was drinking red wine but after a glass each both Captain Caveman and Veronika went on to liqueur coffees and I had to finish the rest of the wine, plus my Jameson’s (I don’t like coffee). We walked Veronika back to her hotel where a massive kid’s party was ending and I’ve not seen so many people in such a long time, hoards of them – a large portion not wearing masks (I kept mine on). The taxi took a while to come and the rest of us were all off to District 7 so Annette dropped us off on the way to her place. It was a lovely night and we made some casual arrangements to possibly meet for breakfast the next day. In the room of the hotel it was hot so we had to put the Aircon on and I had to roll some clothes up under my pillow because there was just one thin pillow each. I was glad to have finally got my passport and been allowed to fly.

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