I had set my alarm for 1.50am on Sunday 31st January because I wanted to attend a surprise birthday zoom call for a friend’s 50th who is in Sheffield (Vietnam is 7 hours in front of the UK). Unfortunately, despite staying up watching Breaking Bad until gone midnight, I slept through and missed it so when I woke up at a normal time I was cheesed off about it.
I spent the morning catching up on some writing then I finished off the popcorn and had some dried prunes that had been in the cupboard for ages, for a late breakfast. I warmed up some chicken masaman for lunch and made some rice pudding with jam for dessert which I had later that afternoon. I decided that even though I had no cash to spend for 4 days (and I can’t get to an ATM easily) I couldn’t miss the Farmstay’s Sunday dinner and so when Veronika asked if she could share a ride up there I took my bank card to pay on card. When we arrived Matty was waiting for us and it was his turn to buy wine so we all shared a bottle of the Farmstay’s robust red. Veronika wanted her food a little earlier than us as she was hungry but Matty and I decided to enjoy some wine first. This week all three of us went for the healthier version, with no pasta or bread, just meat, veg, potatoes and gravy (and I purposely didn’t have much of the gravy). It was excellent but when I saw Ben’s normal Sunday dinner I wished I had chosen the same. Knowing I didn’t have any vegetables in at home, except for half a yellow pepper and some frozen sweetcorn, I saved some of my veg and took it home in my tupperwear box. I was hoping to take home my piece of carrot cake but just as I went to order it there was a game changing suggestion from Ben; how about we have the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream as our included dessert!? I’ve had that particular sweet treat before so I already knew how delicious it is. Of course all 3 of us said yes, obviously it wouldn’t be suitable to take home so I just had to eat it. As it turned out I still didn’t physically spend any money as by the time we left the girl who takes the card payments had already gone home, so I had successfully not spent any money on day 2 of the challenge (sort of). The Sunday dinner costs 300,000 vnd (for the meat version, the vegetarian one is cheaper) and includes a generous glass of wine and a choice of dessert – a bargain!

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