It was day 3 of my ‘not spending any cash’ challenge on Monday 1st February and day 3 of Captain Caveman’s first customer Son Doong tour of the season. Having had a big dinner the night before and not having anything in for breakfast I just had raisins! I’d taken the pork casserole out of the freezer to have for meals later and I noticed we had 3 eggs left which meant I could make fried rice and use some of the leftover Sunday dinner veg to throw in, for another meal.
Before lunch I had done some blogging, learning languages, all my exercises and even been for a short walk with my sticks. I had a big lunch so that I wasn’t as tempted to snack and really enjoyed the pork casserole with potatoes, broccoli, green beans, bak choi, carrot and mushrooms. I finished off the frozen berries (now defrosted) as a dessert and had a pot of jasmine tea while I did more work then watched a couple more Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix.
I still got peckish in the afternoon so I had 20g of cheddar cheese and 4 squares of plain chocolate, which would have gone well with a red wine but I resisted. I prepared all the remaining veg and made 2 of the eggs in to an omelette, which I chopped up for the fried rice later.
The fried rice with garlic, pepper, carrot, green beans, peppers and sweetcorn turned out to be really tasty and got rid of all the spare veg we had left, tomorrow Captain Caveman was due back for dinner so I had almost completed my challenge and was glad to be using up some stuff from the fridge, freezer and cupboards.

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