On Saturday 6th February I awoke to a hangover and a telling off from Captain Caveman for being a bit drunk last night when we got home. He was up early and went to Phong Nha to pick up the Tet biscuits I’d ordered from Moon at Funny Monkeys.
In the Vietnamese news there were more localised lockdowns where the virus was present and an update on when Vietnam might be able to start vaccinating their people (see links below);

It was all going on where Corona was concerned and one area had quarantined 10,000 people because of 1 positive case.
I was informed by a mutual friend that an ex Aviva colleague back in Sheffield had died from Corona and I was upset and angry – I’d not seen her for years but I remembered her as being such a great member of the ‘Mum’s’ call centre team in Sheffield when I worked at Pomona.
For lunch we had cheese and ham sandwiches and I had an apple. Vananh, owner of the temporarily closed Phong Nha Underground, was making various items so I ordered a couple of tubs of hummus and some chocolate protein balls for Captain Caveman to pick up tomorrow. Late afternoon Captain Caveman went off to the Farmstay for a sauna and when he eventually came back at 8pm he ate the first microwaved portion of masaman curry and rice so fast that he had finished his dinner before I had even heated mine up. I was a bit grumpy as I was waiting to eat with him and then I sat and ate by myself.
I missed my family and friends a lot today even though I still knew I was so much safer from the virus here and I felt very lucky to be out of the UK right now.

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