At 5.45am on Friday 5th February Captain Caveman was off surfing with the Farmstay gang, I couldn’t get back to sleep and so I was also up too early for my liking. We had booked Phuong for a day trip to Dong Hoi so that Captain Caveman could go shopping and I could go for physio.
In the news here there was an update that all the Corona tests completed on Saigon airport staff were all negative, so far! Here’s the link:
A post on Facebook confirmed what I expected, all schooling was to be stopped immediately to prevent the spread of the virus.
We arrived in Dong Hoi about 10.30am and went to Earth cafe for a vegan brunch. Kimmie, the visa agent, came to collect my passport again for another month’s renewal. I had my favourite udon soup and the kumquat and daisy tea, Captain Caveman had pumpkin soup and we ordered 2 takeaway dishes for our friend. We tried a biscuit, made by Moon at Funny Monkeys, and I decided to order some for Tet. Our next stop was Tree Hugger to quickly pick up a smoothie before we went to Dong Hoi – Cuba hospital, where Trang was with her mom who was having some sort of transfusion. I had a dodgy tum and needed to use the hospital toilets which were absolutely disgusting. We went to a little cafe next to the hospital for a quick drink and a chat.
After we went to the Co-op Mart supermarket which was heaving with people buying stuff for Tet and I needed the toilet again (and imodium) so that I could go to physio at 1.30pm. When I was at the clinic they told me they will close for Tet in a couple of days, the therapy today was really good and the therapist pinpointed the painful part of my ankle which was at the back of my foot near my ankle bone. At the end of my session Captain Caveman came with a gift basket for the team and we left around 4pm to go back to Phong Nha.

We dropped off the shopping at home, I went to the loo (again) and had no idea what was making me ill, then we went straight to The Villas for happy hour. Granted a happy hour and a half with all you can eat pizza was not going to help my stomach but, of course, I carried on regardless. I had 3 margaritas, we met with our new friends, June and Steve, we chatted to Vananh and Jason (visiting from Danang) and our friend Hannah joined us. June and Steve ordered off the menu, Hannah had a veggie pizza, Matty arrived and joined us on the all you can eat pizza. I then proceeded to have wine, my stomach was now fine and I managed 8 slices of pizza. It was a great night and we said we would keep in touch with June and Steve, who were such good fun, and we hope to visit Danang in the next few months.
On the fun bus back home we got chatting to two Farmstay customers, 2 young girls – 1 from Salford and another from Liverpool and it was nice to meet people from near to where I’m from.
I was also pleased to now have a full fridge and cupboard again, ready for the forthcoming Tet holidays.

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