It was Tet day on Friday 12th February and although I awoke at 6am there was no announcement or Tet music over the tannoys today!! I went back to sleep for a bit and then had a delicious bacon sandwich with brown sauce for breakfast, made by Captain Caveman.
We were planning on going out on the motorbike when Captain Caveman got a last minute text to ask if he was coming to the Tet meal at the Vung Hue, (with the cavers and Momma D) so we jumped on the motorbike, with our new helmets on and off we went. The Vung Hue family were there to greet us and were very welcoming and the food looked great as always. I had a pork rib, some chips, a bowl of rice and some beef stew (which I loved), then some juicy kumquats. I even had a beer while Captain Caveman had a shandy as he was driving. As we were leaving, Watto said he thought my knee was still leaning inwards and I walked up and down to show him, he told me to persevere in trying to keep it straight.

Our next stop was the Pub with Cold Beer where only 4 kids were about, but we had a cold beer and gave the kids lucky money. On the way back we called in to see Multi and the gang at The Pepper House, had a drink and some snacks. At home Captain Caveman and I sat on the balcony with a beverage and some tortilla but it was still a bit chilly for sunbathing. We decided we would have a walk to the Farmstay as it was Pizza night at The Villas and we could get the pick up transport from there. I took my poles and off we went and I’m glad I was accompanied as there was some strange activity on the way. First of all, an older Vietnamese man who was either drunk or mentally ill (maybe both) kept trying to walk nearer to me and so Captain Caveman had to walk with me, seeing as I’m so slow. We stopped to let him go past but he then stopped to wait for us again and he was putting me off my stride a bit. Next there were a group of young men on motorbikes who had been drinking and they stopped in the road, when a girl came towards them on her motorbike they grabbed her boob and then all cheered. Captain Caveman slapped him on his shoulder and I pointed my sticks at him in a threatening manner – I don’t think he was in the least bit bothered. Despite the phlegmatic old creep and the tit grabber I still made it in 35 minutes so I was pleased with that and treated myself to a ginger beer when I got to the bar.

The pizza night was really good; sat with us was Chris (from Antwerp), Ali (the filmmaker), Tatas and Veronika. We all shared red wine and I managed 9 slices of pizza which I was pleased with. For once, I was having so much fun at The Villas that I completely forgot to take any photos of pizza night. We had a lovely Tet day and felt rather lucky to be in Phong Nha.

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