Captain Caveman had a second day of Tet party at 9am on Saturday 13th February, in Phong Nha, so off he went to Hung’s house.
While Captain Caveman had been out I had been invited to Ha’s to celebrate but, as I didn’t have transport, I invited her and Lan to our place. I prepared a few nibbles (bread, ham, Banh Chung, tortilla, salami, fruit and walnuts) and I had a ham sandwich for lunch while I waited for our guests. When they arrived we took our nibbles and some cold beers outside and included the Elements Collection team and some of the owner’s family members. Mr Ky, the dog, saw that a guest had a small, nappy wearing, poodle and he wanted to eat it. Later we saw Bich, the kids, Hien and Khanh and I got my first lucky money – a brand new 50,000vnd from Khanh. Everyone was very nicely dressed in their Tet clothes, including Ha and Lan, who we posed for some photos with – I should have wore something nice.
It was Hoa and Tom’s party at 6pm, Hoa was in the kitchen and the cavers were already eating when we arrived. I ate some excellent chips, a spring roll and a pork rib and then had some potatoes and carrots out of the soup. After 1 hour Captain Caveman stood up and said we had to leave if we were to make it to the next party in time and I got my coat on and followed him to say thanks to our host for the lovely food. Traditionally Tet has an order to the visiting which if family first, then friends and then colleagues but we didn’t necessarily follow that.
Back home we had drinks, some biscuits and watched Breaking Bad. I was grateful today for having a good second day of Tet and was looking forward to more celebrations with friends tomorrow.

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