I do love a good list! I think you can sometimes get an idea of a person’s psyche from what they Google. Here is my list for February, in reverse alphabetical order:
1. World Life Expectancy Corona virus
2. Weather
3. Vietnamese holidays
4. Uniqlo women’s shirts
5. Turkish to English
6. Tet visiting traditions
7. Potatoes in a rice cooker
8. Kevin Bridges
9. Kulminator, Antwerp
10. Hillsborough park gig
11. English to Vietnamese
12. Dong Hoi flight departures
13. Delegate synonyms
14. Covid calculator UK gov
15. Cotton buds in Vietnamese
16. Body Shop
17. BMI calculator
18. Antihistamine fexofenadine
19. All about that Base cover
20. Adele songs

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