Captain Caveman was off on his next Son Doong tour on Friday 26th February which meant he would miss another pizza night at The Villas. He was up early, gave me some cash to tide me over and had gone by 7am, so I lounged in bed for a bit watching more Behind Her Eyes on Netflix. The weather was very muggy and so I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere this morning. For breakfast I decided to cycle to the Farmstay where I had a brunch of pho bo, soda water, and a fruit salad – all healthy and a cost of 140,000vnd (£4.34). The cycle ride took me 10 minutes 27 seconds on the way there and 9 minutes 40 seconds on the return journey.
That evening Veronika and I met Ali for pizza night, we shared a bottle of red wine and the pizzas at The Villas were incredibly good with some new toppings this week – I particularly liked the ham & mushroom and the smoked duck & peppers. It was a great evening, the new staff were doing so well tonight and the venue had seen a bit of an improvement on their indoor dining layout – was that a dancefloor I saw?
I wasn’t actually on a budget as such but when Ali insisted on buying the bottle of wine it was a nice gesture and my total bill, plus tip, came to 300,000vnd (£9.30) for the pizza and an extra glass of wine.
I always have to rely on Ben’s video or photos for pizza night at The Villas as I’m usually too busy eating (or drinking) to get any quality ones of my own – check this out on Facebook:

On Saturday 27th February I slept until an amazing 7.15am and felt very refreshed so I decided to walk to Kuong Ha market with Veronika. It had been said it was less than 1km from our place and although it had been raining the last few days it was now just a light drizzle. At just after 8am we started the walk and Veronika said the road way would be less muddy but a bit longer so we took that route, I meant to press my stopwatch but forgot. When we arrived Veronika checked her phone and thought we had walked 1.4km in about 15 minutes but that’s a rough estimate. The market floor was slippy and uneven but at least the area was small and no steps as we went in the back entrance. Veronika bought some vegetables and fruit while I did the ambitious move of buying dragon fruit followed by eggs. On the way back we did time it and, because Veronika said we would try a short cut through fields, I was incredibly slow on the muddy path. It took 21 minutes and 50 seconds to do what was apparently only 1km. I had to have a shower as soon as I got back but had buttered toast for a late breakfast.
I had tortilla, dates and some crisps for lunch and had some pre-made (by Captain Caveman) masaman curry defrosting for dinner. Veronika and I shared some wine, which both of us took a long time to get in to, but the persistance paid off before eating our respective dinners of curry or meatloaf.
On day 2 of Captain Caveman being in the cave, I had spent just 60,000vnd (£1.86) at the market on 2 dragon fruit and 6 eggs – I was getting good at being a bit more conservative with money.

I woke up at 4am and again at 7am on Sunday 28th February, it was day 3 of Captain Caveman’s 4 day Son Doong tour and I was tempted to stay in bed. For breakfast I had a dragon fruit and then decided to restart my exercises from Ruth, my UK physio, by incorporating them in to a bit of a routine to some music. Some were proving to be a bit tricky and I really shouldn’t have eased off them in favour of the walking and cycling. I ate the other dragon fruit, 6 dates and 2 pieces of tortilla for lunch and spent the afternoon, upstairs doing some work. In the evening I went to the Farmstay for Sunday dinner with
Veronika, Ben and Bich. I ate all of my delicious dinner (no pork and veg left over today) but I did have to take half of the delicious carrot cake home. I was grateful to be off to bed as I was really tired and it would be my last night of having the bed to myself. I’d only wracked up 300,000vnd (£9.30) for my wine and food but was told to pay for it on Tuesday, again – being more cautious with money was helping me drink less wine too.

Photo credit – The Villas, Veronika

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