Phong Nha – 18th April 2020

There was some good news on Saturday 18th April; the bottle of wine from Phong Nha Underground had made it home with me last night unscathed and I had no idea how. I, on the other hand, had not escaped without injury. Captain Caveman had to help me to the toilet because I couldn’t put my right foot down and my arse was killing me! My knee hurt and my ankle was a bit swollen and I had puffy toes. Captain Caveman strapped me up, gave me ice and a leg rest and went off in search of painkillers and compression sock things. I could hardly remember what had happened until I tried to sit up and the pain in my bum bone was quite bad, I even had to have breakfast in bed, on a tray.
There’s always someone worse off and so I still checked the Corona virus updates and checked in on my app to say I was healthy! Vietnam had 21 more recoveries which was great news and meant 73% had recovered already. The UK recoveries now were showing as ‘no data’ but there had been 14,500 deaths and 108,000 cases with lockdown looking to continue for a few more weeks. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that we had left over Indian food for lunch and then we decided to watch a film. Captain Caveman put on The Outsider but I fell asleep and missed what it was about. It was so quiet in town that a goat had wandered up to the door of Namaste and Raj had filmed it and sent it to us – so funny.
In the evening we ordered our food from Phong Nha Underground and watched another film, Lost Girls, which wasn’t bad. Captain Caveman was back on the beer but for me I think alcohol would have to wait a while!! Well, at least until I could navigate to the toilet (the one which isn’t broken) and get a shower unaided!

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