Hamish and Ania had decided to fly to Saigon on Monday 5th April for a few days before continuing their travels to other places in Vietnam. Captain Caveman said his goodbyes and went off to his Son Doong trip which would run consecutively with his next trip and so I wouldn’t see him until the 12th or 13th April – we were glad that he still had plenty of work in the current climate. Last night a suggestion of lunch at the Lake House had been made but in our hungover state we settled for the Farmstay and I got a lift with Duyet at 10am to join Hamish, Ania and Tatas who had already had their breakfast. I had an orange juice and a pho bo then felt loads better so decided to stay for lunch. Tatas had her Son Doong briefing that night so she went home to pack and we ate our last meal together, until we meet again. I had the fresh prawn and pork spring rolls with a can of full fat coke while Hamish had sausage, chips & curry sauce and Ania had the beef in bamboo (one of my favourites). I was meant to have an online meeting which I had already moved and so I went back home to accommodate that, then ended up missing it.
Hamish and Ania’s transport to the airport was coming at 6pm so I went back up to the Farmstay to see them off. I said goodbye to our friends who gave me some Polish vodka to look after until they came back and a yoga mat for Tatas. I had a cider and talk to Karl and Sue and Trang and Andrew. I decided to order a pizza to take home and was pleased to not have any reaction to the gluten or the cheese, when in the past I have reacted more to the pizzas at the Farmstay compared to the ones at The Villas. Margarita Mondays looked to have slowed off lately, so I didn’t attempt to go this week. I had an early night with a lot less alcohol to start this week, I was looking forward to a quiet few days but as you probably know, Phong Nha can be somewhat unpredictable!

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