Tuesday 27th April wasn’t filled with positive vibes at all and it was quite a sobering day! I didn’t wake up until 7am when Captain Caveman left to go on his next Son Doong tour, the rain was still heavy and had been stormy through the night. The news about Corona here wasn’t great; worryingly a report of hotel staff in Hanoi testing positive after being in contact with quarantiners from India, more info here:
News of stricter measures again in a neighbouring country, Thailand:
While the Vietnamese Prime Minister stated he is expecting a spike in new cases and asks us all to be extra vigilant, more here:
To further cause concern in my day I read that I now even had to second check my strawberries:
As I started to catch up on writing my blog posts, because I was now 2 weeks behind, I heard bad news; Phuong’s Transfers had sold his vehicle and closed because he was struggling without customers. Phuong has been a big help and support to me for a long time now and I was sad for him – more and more businesses were finding it impossible to continue without the tourism. The bad news wasn’t confined to Vietnam either, today Turkey announced it would go into national lockdown from 29th April to 17th May and no alcohol could be bought or sold during this time! A lot of my Turkish friends and the businesses where we spend the winters would be suffering for even longer without tourism too. I’d only had toast for breakfast and for dinner I had a look what we had in the freezer – I decided on veggie rice in the rice cooker and got that on around 5pm. It was a relatively early night tonight as I was saving myself for a bit of a secret reunion tomorrow night!

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