There are many reasons that, when I have to leave Vietnam, I would look forward to returning to the UK. It has been almost 3 years since I left and if it wasn’t for the Corona situation I would have visited in the last 18 months for sure. Unfortunately ‘coming back home’ without any plans in the middle of a pandemic with no end in sight might not be the best option for me at this time. I made a ‘Pros and Cons’ list (in no particular order) starting with the cons.

– I will probably have to do self isolation or quarantine at a cost when I arrive in London.
– I would need to travel on public transport to Sheffield without a vaccine and people not wearing masks.
– Flights are expensive and would possibly need to go via Moscow, Doha, Dubai, or Singapore to London.
– I don’t have the funds to support myself and my bank card is about to expire.
– I would need to find a job, which won’t be easy in the current climate.
– I don’t know when I would get to see Captain Caveman again.
– I can’t go to and from Turkey easily, from the UK, because of the red status.
– I have very few clothes or belongings in the UK so would be another expense to consider.
– I have nowhere to live in the UK and don’t want to risk moving in with parents who have rarely left the house since the pandemic, when I could bring the virus to them.
– the cost of living will be too high for me.
– to get fully vaccinated I would need to stay in the same place in England without resources.

+ I might be able to see my parents after 1 year and 8 months apart.
+ I might be able to see my friends in Sheffield after 3 years away.
+ I might be able to see all my other family and friends around the UK.
+ I can re-register at a Doctor’s and get a vaccine.
+ I can see a Doctor to reassess my ever changing allergy issues, have a second opinion on my leg and stock up on medicine.
+ I can sort out my banking and get new cards.
+ I can get a new Driving Licence.
+ I’d be able to go to Marks & Spencer.
+ Bras!! I would be able to buy bras that fit!

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