There are many reasons that, when I have to leave Vietnam, I would look forward to returning to Turkey. I left in January 2020 and if it wasn’t for the Corona situation I would have been back there by now. I made a ‘Pros and Cons’ list (in no particular order) starting with the cons.

– I would need to travel via Istanbul airport.
– I wouldn’t be allowed to work in Turkey.
– I don’t know when I would get to see Captain Caveman again, but there is a chance he could visit Turkey in the winter.
– I can’t go to the UK from Turkey because of the red status.
– Captain Caveman could lose out on more rental income because I am living in the apartment instead of renting out.

+ I might be able to see my parents if they are allowed to visit Turkey.
+ I will be able to see my friends once I’ve been vaccinated fully or had a test and isolated.
+ I can reapply for Turkish residency which lapsed because of the pandemic and me not being able to visit Turkey until now.
+ I might be able to get a vaccine, possibly quicker than I would in Vietnam.
+ I can see a Doctor to have a second opinion on my leg and stock up on medicine.
+ Unlike the UK, I won’t have to do quarantine at a cost when I arrive in Turkey.
+ Flights are not too expensive to Turkey.
+ I have the funds to support myself in Dalyan.
+ I can sort out my banking
+ I have a Turkish health insurance policy.
+ I have a load of clothes (bras included) already in Turkey which means I will have lots of choice and won’t have to take a big case back.
+ The cost of living in Dalyan is similar to Phong Nha, maybe cheaper.
+ I can treat myself to a haircut with Emrah after 18 months away from him.

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