Saturday 25th September was meant to be a quiet day and trying to get back on track with healthy eating again, but that didn’t pan out. For breakfast I had Turkish cornflakes with fresh milk (wasn’t ill) and really enjoyed them. I read the Vietnamese news out of habit, did some blogging and relaxed a bit, time seemed to be going by so quickly already. Back in Saigon, Vietnam, they had decided to make the gap between 1st and 2nd Astra Zeneca vaccines, only 6 weeks, here’s the article:
For lunch I had the leftover chicken kebab and flat bread, from yesterday’s lunch at Lukka bar, and added a few olives, I also had some cherry juice which is one of my favourites. In our booze cupboard we still had 2 bottles of wine so I decided to open the one called Dikmen to have with a bag of crisps (I still had them from Vietnam), salami and cheese. The wine was probably best kept for cooking, it must have been bad as I could only manage a small glass of it. I went to the bank as I needed to get more cash out and have my bank books updated and, this was the only place I have noticed it so far, you have to show your HES code to enter the building. Masks must be worn and they are quite strict about the lay out and social distancing.
Jamie had been in touch about his 15 minutes of fame, he’d been part of a TV show where he’d had to speak about British tourists coming to Turkey, it was going to be on TV tonight so he’d invited us to Lukka bar to watch it. When I arrived Jamie, Sarah and Jax were already having a drink, I ordered a red wine and we all ordered food; Sarah had a nicoise salad, Jax and Jamie had pasta arrabiata, while I had a rather delicious garlic mushroom and salami pizza. I really enjoyed my pizza, I forgot to save half and ate the whole thing but then I was flagging and couldn’t even manage another red wine. Jamie’s bit of filming never appeared and so I left those 3 having another drink because my body clock thought it was already past midnight and tomorrow we had a bit of excitement to look forward to.

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