I was woken up with an earthquake at 8.32am on Tuesday 19th October, it felt like I was on a lilo at sea for quite a few minutes and I was confused at first as to what was happening. It turned out that the epicentre was Rhodes island, not that far from us, with a magnitude of 6.3.
I read some Vietnam news about the floods, luckily in Phong Nha things were ok and it was not quite as bad as in 2020, here’s the article:
I took my last antibiotic after eating my cornflakes and was looking forward to an alcoholic drink with my parents later. The rest of the morning was fairly ordinary; I paid Sonuç back for my insurance as I had forgotten to give it him and I did my first online banking app transfer which was very easy, I started making a slow cooker Lancashire hotpot and soaking some lentils and I watched as the start of the building work next door got underway.
I found out why Captain Caveman wasn’t concerned about how I was as I saw more photos of flooding where he was and he’d got a puncture on his motorbike. I also decided to try to help out a lady in a fix who had posted a request for swapping a large suitcase for 2 small ones and I offered to sell or swap my large suitcase which now had a dint in it from my recent journey from Vietnam to Turkey.

My parents and I had agreed to go out for lunch and it was my turn to suggest somewhere we could eat (and drink), I chose one that I know all of us have loved every time we have been. Yakamoz is on the river and looks out to the rock tombs, the men who own it have been there for years, always give great service and the food is excellent!
I went to the meze cabinet and had a look to see what there was, took a photo of them and tried to remember what the man had told me so I could repeat to ma & pa who were sat at a table by the river. We ordered a bottle of water and a bottle of Angora white wine and I was looking forward to my first drink since getting drunk with Sonuç and my next door neighbours 8 days ago (not that I was counting)! From the mezes Mom chose garlic mushrooms, Dad ordered beetroot and cheese rolls, and I had courgette fritters with yoghurt and fava bean dip. We shared them and all were so good that I don’t think we left enough room for our main courses. I had chicken shish but had to take half home, Dad had prawn casserole and Mom had lamb shish. It was a glorious day and we really enjoyed our lunch out in the sunshine.

Afterwards I decided to show them one of Captain Caveman’s favourite places to see if they had been before; Backyard No. 9. We ordered a bottle of white which came with an ice bucket and olives and my parents remembered it as being the back of the Rock Bar years ago. Bora, the dog, was still there and the gardens were much more matured since my last visit. It was a lovely boozy afternoon but when the sun started to go down we went home. The builders had been busy in my absence and already the binding was down and some rebars had been delivered. It was going to be quite a big surface area but there was no indication on the height yet.
That night I had a very small portion of the Lancashire hotpot and batched the rest up for the freezer, it looked like using red lentils instead of flour for a thickener had worked a treat.

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