Finally it was my last full day on antibiotics on Monday 18th October, I had bread, cheese and olives for breakfast. I watched more of You on Netflix and was glad I had persevered after the 1st episode of Series 3. I managed to wash my hair without my cyst hurting, it was now healing and just needed antibiotic cream and a plaster, which was great news. I decided to have a mish mash of a lunch because I could; 2 nectarines, 2 plums, toast and a couple of biscuits. That night I had arranged for the 3 of us to meet up with Maddie at River Terrace where they had live music from 6pm. My parents had agreed to come over to mine and arrived at 6.15pm then we walked the short distance to River Terrace. This would be the last time I would have to sit and watch everyone else enjoy a beer or a wine so I had a cherry juice and soda – almost a new cocktail. Onur was playing some really good music including a lot my Dad likes and it was a lovely evening with quite a few laughs. We’d not decided where to eat yet so we asked Maddie to choose and she fancied a pizza. River Terrace didn’t have their pizza oven on but Sara, one of the owners, said we could order one in if we wanted to, which was very accommodating. In the end we decided to go to Pizza 48 to eat there, ma & pa had not been before, I’d tried one of their pizzas at a bar a few weeks ago and had enjoyed it so it would be a nice treat. When we got there I don’t think my Dad looked too impressed and he can get a bit tetchy when he goes somewhere new. He went and stood outside the front of the shop while I read out what they had to my Mom from the sign above the counter and Maddie was telling us about the deals you can have, which were great value. Mom went outside to tell Dad what the options were as best as she could remember and Dad didn’t want anything with meat on so he just ordered a Margherita pizza deal but didn’t want the soft drink so ordered beer. Mom (obviously) went for tuna and onion pizza deal, also with a beer while I decided on a mushroom pizza deal with a coke. Maddie ordered Margherita too but her friend, Simone, went off piste by ordering a double cheeseburger. We sat at the back of the restaurant in the cosy seating area which is next to Bistro Blue. When the chips came they had a garlicky coating and were really tasty, and very hot, the pizzas came out pretty quickly and were excellent – even Dad was impressed. My pizza, chips and coke came to just 30 lira (£2.54) which was amazing, the bill for Ma & Pa was just 110 lira (£9.32) for 2 pizzas, 2 chips and 2 Efes beers. I got a free fridge magnet and took the rest of the bottles of coke home so I got quite the bargain and the takeaway menu would come in handy for rainy/winter nights at home.
When we had done we decided to go for one more drink at Lukka bar. It was a good day and I’d really enjoyed a (sober) week of being with my parents after all this time of not being able to see them, but I was a bit peeved that it had been a few days since Captain Caveman had bothered to ask how I was, even though he knew I’d been feeling quite ill recently.

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