The month started with cloudy and rainy weather on Monday 1st November and I woke up, feeling chilly, to a photo from Captain Caveman of a cute frog on the window at Elements Collection. I was missing waking up with Captain Caveman and having the weird wildlife to look at in Phong Nha – it had been a while since I’d seen Carrot, the dog, heard the geckos having an argument or seen a beautiful butterfly or dragonfly. I had my cornflakes with milk for breakfast and Captain Caveman sent me the bill for the earthquake and home insurance policy to pay because he has no access to his online banking in Turkey. It cost 1311 lira so around £100 for the year and is just a basic policy. I tried to find out how to get more photo and video space on my wordpress joloyolo blog but it turned out that without upgrading to the business plan I can’t, so I wasn’t sure what would happen with that once the space I had left got used. I finished off last night’s pide and salad as a second breakfast and for lunch I nibbled on cheese, olives and gherkins. I had a couple of visitors in the afternoon, 2 baby pigeons who were actually quite sweet and they just looked at me through the balcony door. My mom had decided she was going to be cooking at home tonight as she had some meat to use up so I made a chicken and mushroom pasta for my dinner which was really delicious, I had 2 portions of it before we went out.

The intention was that we would just go for one drink, maybe two at the most. Because in November lots of establishments will close for the winter, or even for a holiday before they reopen for the winter season, we were keen to visit places before they closed and also find out last dates for those that were closing. I suggested we walk up to Aşkın’s for a drink and when we got there, all dressed in our winter wear, we had a drink and sat chatting. Aşkın let us know that after this weekend he was going to open just at the weekends and we ended up having 3 drinks in there. The wine is good quality and they give free tasty bar snacks, the staff are friendly but not too imposing and they have comfy seats so I like this place. On our way home we accidentally decided to have 1 more (last) drink at Bistro Blue and we sat outside because we were wearing warm clothes. They were also going to be closing at the weekend and so we only had 1 week left of being able to come to one of our favourite bar and restaurant places. There was a couple sat inside and I happened to ask them if they wanted the door open or closed, I recognised their accent and asked where they were from. Would you believe it? They were from Sheffield – the night was about to get a bit more lively!
We had a right old laugh talking to Wendy and Greg and then Tina joined us, after she had been to the quiz night at nearby Wonky’s, to join in the fun. When Işmail, the flower man, came by Wendy even bought Mom and I a beautiful rose, which was such a nice thing to do. Annie and Selahı also joined us and were the perfect hosts, as well as the staff being super efficient and friendly, as always.
I didn’t even remember the next 2 drinks and getting in after 2.30am! I didn’t quite recall booking in for lunch and dinner later in the week, or walking home from Bistro Blue. Apparently, my dad was so drunk and my mom had trouble getting him home to bed. It was certainly one of those nights!!

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