On Wednesday 3rd November, after leftover pizza for breakfast, ma & pa came over around 12.30pm as we were booked in to Bistro Blue for lunch. I’d invited Ann along too, as we all enjoy it there, the weather was nice again so we decided to sit outside and we all ordered drinks and food. I decided just to have a main course but my parents shared some cheese rolls and Ann ordered onion bhajis as a side dish to the main. My Dad and Ann both had the chicken and bacon salad, Mom had a prawn salad and I had a rather filling beef wrap with chips. It was absolutely delicious and I couldn’t finish it all so I took 1 of the beef wraps home for later. It was our last Bistro Blue lunch of this season and we had a great meal with excellent company.

Unfortunately my parents had to go at 3.30pm because they were having some doors replaced and the workman was coming to do the fitting. Ann and I decided to call for a drink at Tez bar on our way home and then ended up having 2, as you do, sat in the sunshine. While we were there two lots of friends arrived who had not been introduced before so we left the 4 of them getting acquainted. I had the rest of my beef wrap leftovers for dinner and then decided I needed another early night, while my parents found that the doors were too short and had gone to Jiks for their dinner. I was asleep by 8.30pm but then the Jazz bar started their live music and I was awake at 10.30pm until 1.30am! Just typical when I had to be up relatively early tomorrow as we had plans.

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