It was the first day after being told I had no food allergies on Wednesday 10th November and I was about to take full advantage of eating and drinking whatever I fancied without thinking about it. Of course I decided to keep on with the probiotic drinks every morning as that can only be a good thing. I also had 2 slices of buttered toast for my breakfast and I knew we would be out for lunch and dinner today. Captain Caveman had replied while I had been asleep to say he still thinks I’m allergic to chillies, gluten and eggs and that I should probably try ruling them out to see what happens. The building site next door was particularly noisy this morning as the acro poles were being put up for support and the concrete staircase was going in. The lira had gone past 13.5 lira to the pound which was great for tourists but not so good for the Turks or people who lived here and had money in the bank here. I went over to my parents’ place and gave my Mom a letter for my English bank to request a new card, as it had expired during the pandemic and I couldn’t do anything about it from Vietnam. Mom was booked in for her hair cutting with my hairdresser, Emrah, who is fantastic, at 1.30pm so we walked round together while Dad waited in for the workmen to come, who didn’t arrive. I’d decided I needed another pedicure so popped to Mimi’s but unfortunately they were not available for a walk-in appointment (I should have booked). Instead, I went in to a shop on the main road and found some sunglasses for 90 lira (£6.65) as I’d inadvertently left mine in Phong Nha. I’d just got home when Mom messaged to say they were off for lunch in Jiks so to meet there in 5 minutes. I had a beer while I waited for them and then when they got there Dad was off the booze because he’d not felt so great. Mom ordered a tuna sandwich and chips, Dad had an omelette and I decided to go for it with a chicken burger. It was really good and came with 2 pieces of chicken breast on my bread, served with chips and salad too. As it was a nice, sunny day we decided to have a walk to a place by the river, Okyanus, where we had a beer and I got to put my new sunglasses on. My stomach started to swell right up like I was about to give birth but I had no other stomach issues. In the evening we decided to go to an old favourite that we hadn’t been to yet, Kordon. Mom ordered a spring roll and some fresh fish, Dad went for cheese rolls and a casserole and I decided to have prawns then risk the steak with gorgonzola cheese sauce. We all had wine and it was a lovely warm night, sat by the indoor fire, as the temperatures outside were quite cold now. The meal was lovely, we all enjoyed what we chose to eat and I had no noticeable reaction to the cheese sauce. As we left to walk home the temperature outside was quite cold and it was nice to get home and under the duvet that night.

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