My Google searches in November were definitely a clear sign I was going to be travelling to England next month. Here’s the list in alphabetical order:

1. Advice for travel to UK
2. Bounty calories
3. Cinnamon benefits
4. cm to inches
5. Coral Nike trainers
6. Dermatitis herpetiformis
7. Donkey milk soap benefits
8. English to Turkish
9. English to Vietnamese
10. Flight Radar
11. Frank Zappa
12. Gran Torino
13. Hallelujah lyrics
14. IBS
15. I’m your man – Leonard Cohen
16. League of Gentleman
17. Melen 2019 Merlot
18. Operation London Bridge
19. Orfoz, Akyaka
20. Patak’s Tandoori paste
21. Ron Perlman
22. Start Up TV series
23. UK bra size calculator
24. Weather
25. worldlifeexpectancycoronavirus

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