Wednesday 1st December turned out to be a rather wonderful day; first of all I had the cleaning lady booked in to give the apartment a spruce up while I had planned to pop over to Vanessa’s before Turkish class. When I got there the door was locked so I turned around to go back home, only to be shouted by Debbie (Darling) to nip in to her’s. I had a PG tips tea with rather too much milk but it was nice and hot and we had a chat about them just having said goodbye to a family member so had been up very early. Next I went to Vanessa’s where we had a bit of a chat before walking to Lukka bar for our Turkish class, with Sioned. The lesson got a bit more involved this week including learning about nationalities, yes-no questions, vowel harmony, negatives and plurals – it was good and I really enjoyed it. After the class I had arranged to go for lunch with Lily Fish and Vanessa so we decided we would go to Wonky’s. The ladies had burgers while I went for their all day English breakfast (without egg or tomatoes) and we had a glass of wine. The food was really good, there were a few of the other Dalyan dwellers about, some of who joined our table and some of who were playing pool and it was a rather nice afternoon. I remained sensible as I didn’t want to drink too much after being poorly so I decided I would go home, leaving some of the others staying out out! Back home the building site seemed to have acquired a very strangely positioned swimming pool and the cleaner had done an amazing job of the apartment.
That evening Vanessa had arranged for us to go to see Maddie, seeing as though she had missed the party on Saturday. She arrived at mine, desperate for a wee and hadn’t been home yet so we set off to Maddie’s place but once on our way I had to pop in to Jiks because I had a dodgy stomach (again and probably from the sausages as they always seem to affect me). We eventually got to Maddie’s where I hardly drank anything and we had a good old chat and a takeaway from Pizza 48. On the way home Vanessa and I ended up lost, then having a nightcap in Jiks where it was very cosy with the fire on as it was quite chilly out now, and Vanessa didn’t even have her coat because she’d been out since Turkish class. When I got in I decided to marinate some chicken in a tandoori paste in readiness for tomorrow’s shenanigans.

Another fab day was had on Thursday 2nd December; I was up early so that I could have my breakfast and put the curry in the slow cooker. I’d arranged to cook for us and take it over to Ann’s, where I would stay over. For lunch I had wedges with baked beans and then I packed a bag to take, including the bottle of prosecco from Bistro Blue that I’d been saving. I got there about 4.15pm and we had some hummus and carrots, which I took to nibble on, while we had the prosecco, which tasted fine but wasn’t too fizzy. Ann already had her PJs on and so I put mine on and we had Christmas songs on. The curry was really nice and I’m glad I had saved 3 quarters of the naan bread from Spice Garden as I’d defrosted it and taken it with me too. Ann had another bottle of fizz from the shop and I think I preferred that one, it certainly went down well.
It was a lovely night just spent chatting, cuddling the dogs and having food and drink. As I climbed in to the the extremely comfy spare bed I wondered if it might be a bit late to slim down for my UK visit!

I had another busy day on Friday 3rd December; When I got up Ann was already up and about seeing to the dogs as Smokey Jo was poorly and needed the vet calling out. I left Ann’s, after the vet had finished, and walked back home because I was meeting a friend for lunch. When I got home I unpacked my stuff and, because it was weigh-in day, I did the scales and tape measure thing. I had put on 0.5kg and my measurements were as follows;
Bust & Waist no change,
Hips -1cm,
Thighs no change,
Right calf -1cm,
Left calf -0.5cm.
It started to rain heavily as I set off to meet Leanne at Jiks for lunch but I had my wellies and raincoat on. I ordered a Happy pizza and Leanne had a chicken curry but no alcohol as she was working and I needed to cut it down a bit. It was a nice lunch and our first since I’d been back so we had a good chinwag. My next stop was to Sofra bar where Sarah was working from so I joined in by sorting out some emails and doing a bit of writing on my laptop. When I wandered home I noticed more work had been done on the swimming pool next door and I decided a night in would be good. For dinner I had a lovely bowl of pasta with pesto, my stomach was fine and I was looking forward to my day out tomorrow with Vanessa.

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