After spending the night mulling over whether to continue my plan to go back to the UK or not, I woke up early on Monday 6th December. I had leftover pizza for breakfast and decided that I would still continue with my travel arrangements. I booked the flight from Dalaman to Istanbul for only £25 with luggage, started looking at train fares from London and then booked a PCR test at London St Pancras for £69 with Collinson.
I was a bit too busy getting everything sorted to bother with lunch but I did manage to eat the left over curry that I’d made last week, and added loads of spinach to it, for dinner. I spoke to my parents and confirmed I was coming for Christmas, they were very happy about that and my Mom confirmed she only had to isolate from the 27th December – so the plans for my 18 day holiday could continue! Later I got peckish and ate some chocolate and some roasted chestnuts, which I love.

After a breakfast of cheese on toast on Tuesday 7th December I saw that the UK had reported their highest number of Corona cases since mid-July and I hoped I’d not made a poor decision to visit. In Vietnam the news was about schools having students return to the classroom this week.
The weather in Dalyan was very windy and the rain was heavy so I stayed at home and did some writing. In the evening I had lasagne with red cabbage and dates for afters, later on I had more roasted chestnuts. A nice quiet day was had where it was too wet to venture anywhere and I stayed cosy at home.

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