I was awake at 8am on Sunday 12th December but I didn’t really want to get up after only 5.5 hours sleep. It was 13°C today so not actually that cold but still the coldest I’d been in a couple of years. My Mom excelled herself by making us all a cooked breakfast and I got a lovely bacon and mushroom sandwich while Dad got his bacon and eggs with no tomatoes, which he had requested but Ma forgot.
In the news there was a suggestion that there could be potential daily tests if in contact with a positive Omicron person, here is the article:
Meanwhile Turkey reported their first Omicron cases:
I was still in my mom’s pyjamas (I didn’t have room to bring my own) when there was a knock at the door so my dad went out while I got my mask on and put my big coat on. I hadn’t realised the time and it was my first visit from a friend since arriving back home. As I had to isolate we had to meet on the back garden, keeping our distance, and it was absolutely fantastic to see Amanda and Chris again. I had been looking forward to seeing them after so long and we got chatting about anything and everything. The time flew by and we said once I had my negative result we could arrange to have a proper meet up again.
My lunch consisted of a Morrison’s mince pie which was so good and I forgot how much my parents love a cup of tea.
I’d hoped when it got to 6.30pm, 24 hours after my PCR test, that I would have the result but I didn’t and I had been warned it could be up to 48 hours as a maximum.
My Mom managed to pull all the stops out once again when she made us a proper Sunday dinner with pork and Yorkshire puddings, she even gave me the crispiest bit of the crackling and there was apple sauce. A nice bottle of red wine was opened and I made the assumption that the diet had absolutely gone out of the window until 2022!
At 8pm the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced all adults in the UK were to have a Corona booster vaccine to help protect against this new Omicron variant and that the NHS would possibly cancel non-essential hospital operations again to deal with Corona. We hoped this didn’t mean my mom’s operation would get cancelled. Before bed my Mom got me some of the stuff out I had left here which included my popcorn maker – I was so desperate to get that back to Turkey. By 10pm I was in the rather comfy double bed in the downstairs bedroom, with my phone on do not disturb, hoping that when I woke up I would have my negative result and could go to the bank.

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