After the excitement of Christmas, Monday 27th December was a very quiet day. By the time I got up my Mom was already back from her pre-booked drive through PCR test which she had to have before her hip operation on Thursday – the results would come back tomorrow. I was feeling a bit better, mainly because I had put my symptoms in to the NHS symptom checker and come to the conclusion that I had an allergy, which I had blamed on Sumo, the dog, as he’s very fluffy and moults quite a bit. We’d been testing negative on lateral flows so we were confident my Mom would be ok and I’d still be fit to fly back to Turkey on Wednesday. Mom had been told that she now had to isolate for the next 3 days so by default so were Dad and I. Having a Lemsip and an antihistamine sorted me out, Ma & Pa were also fine and agreed I seemed to be a bit better since I got back from Gayle’s so it could be the dog. It wasn’t a day for starting the diet and I had toast for breakfast then a whole chocolate orange for lunch – it’s allowed at Christmas time! That night was my last night with my parents so we had an isolating soirée as a bit of a send off. My Mom made another delicious dinner of steak with mushrooms, onions, onion rings, sweetcorn and a jacket potato and I struggled to fit it all in. I had to force down the Christmas pudding and (tinned) custard after a short intermission, knowing this would be the last English dessert for at least 6 months! I’d only managed one glass of red wine, a third of a bottle of prosecco and a whiskey and green ginger but I did have a suitcase to pack! Tomorrow I was meant to be meeting people at the pub at Sheffield train station to say bye but I thought better of it, given that the amount of cases was rising fast and a few more people couldn’t come because they had people at home with the virus. It was very sad that yet another year was coming to an end without seeing so many of my friends and I was lucky to have spent time with the people I did, given the pandemic situation.

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