It was no surprise that I felt rough when I woke up on Sunday 26th December, Boxing Day. I’d had wine, gin and Tia Maria last night and had also eaten so much stuff that might make me have a bad reaction. It was after midnight when we all went to bed but Morgan had to sleep on the sofa as April was already in bed and was feeling unwell, saying she was hot but to touch she was cold. Neil had not yet hung up his pinny and was back in the kitchen making us all a full English breakfast. I felt like I had a bit of a cold now so I was grateful for a cooked breakfast, plenty of orange juice and a paracetamol. The food was fantastic; bacon, 2 different types of sausages, hash brown, beans, mushrooms, toast (and for the others there were tomatoes and fried eggs! I’d barely had time to clean my teeth, get dressed and finish my cup of tea before my Dad was ready to get off home, he and Mom had already packed up the car and had their coats on. I had a bit of a dodgy tum (hardly surprising) as I tend to do after eating sausages and I also felt like I needed some fresh air as I’d not been outside since the 23rd. I decided I would walk home and, after saying goodbyes and thank yous, I set off down the hill. It was a nice walk as I strolled past where we used to live and along the very quiet streets, past the church and home. I needed a lemsip and I was worried I might have Corona because of the sore throat and having a bunged up nose but I didn’t take a lateral flow test as I’d eaten and drank so decided to wait – none of us were going anywhere or seeing anyone today.
We still had some gifts to unwrap under the tree at my parents so we did those and I had got mom some big warm socks for after her operation, thinking she might not be able to get her slippers on, I got Dad some chocolates and between them some more Turkish delight and some nice chocolate biscuits to have with their cups of tea. Ma & Pa had given me some money, undies and another 2 chocolate oranges – I was very grateful and happy.
I had a hot bath, using some of my new products and then went to bed with a hot lemsip to sweat it out and by 6pm I felt a lot better. My parents had already eaten their tea but had saved me some beans as we were all so over-indulged that we just fancied beans on toast!
I still wasn’t sure if I had Corona so tomorrow I would do a lateral flow test, my Mom also was booked in to have her pre-op PCR test and would need to isolate. After a couple of whiskey and green gingers with hot water I went to bed early, I also Googled where the nearest place was if I wanted to book in for a PCR test, unfortunately the nearest one was booked up and had no walk-ins so it would be 7.5 miles away by car.

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