Having missed celebrating the New Year in Dalyan I had been awake a lot of the night and woke up, on Saturday 1st January absolutely soaked in sweat. I had buttered toast for breakfast and couldn’t be bothered to make anything for lunch so all I had was chocolate! It was a nice sunny day, about 18°C, and I had my second PCR test booked in at Tez bar. When I got there they were going to charge me another 300 lira for a lateral flow test but I said there was no point as I had already done my own and it showed negative. I said I’d have another PCR because I wanted to know if I had Corona and that’s what they did. I sent Captain Caveman a photo of the villa building site next door and we had a video call. I started watching a cooking show and must have fallen asleep because I woke up to a dinner delivery from Ann, missed calls from Jamie who had delivered it to my doorstep. I was meant to have been going to their’s for a roast dinner, it was so kind of Ann to send me a massive portion over and it was so good! I started watching Stay Close on Netflix but fell asleep again, convinced I had the dreaded virus and I wanted to stay awake for my results.
When I got my results it said negative again and Tez told me that I probably have flu, but not Corona.

It was after midday on Sunday 2nd January when I woke up and I felt a bit better but very achy. The day was pretty boring and was mainly spent on cancelling things. My friends (from Phong Nha) were here but I couldn’t go out as I was feeling rubbish and I didn’t want to give anyone flu. They even cancelled the boat trip we had planned and my comedy night was going to have to be postponed. My mom messaged to say my brother-in-law had done a test and was positive now too so I was convinced I had the virus too, despite my result. I had spaghetti bolognese for lunch which I’d got out of the freezer, then an earl grey tea with a Double Decker chocolate bar which I’d brought back from the UK. I decided to try a decluttering tool I’d read where you turn all of your coat hangers the opposite way in your wardrobe and when you wear and wash an item you put it back the correct way, anything you haven’t worn in a few months can then go to charity. For dinner I ordered a pizza from Lukka bar and had the stuffed mushroom starter from yesterday with it.

I didn’t wake up until 1pm on Monday 3rd January and I had slept through for a solid 10 hours at once. I didn’t have breakfast as the electric was off and it continued to be on and off throughout the day, even when it was on, the TV remote wouldn’t work. I did another lateral flow test and the result was still negative despite me having the same symptoms as my Mom, she was positive on today’s lateral flow test which wasn’t good but my Dad’s test was negative. She was also sleeping loads and couldn’t taste anything. In Israel they had discovered there was Flurona which is a combination of flu and Corona – maybe I had that!
I had left over pizza for lunch when the power was back on and the remote started to work again. I had a lovely beef stew from the freezer for tea which, luckily, already had potatoes in and I had plenty of Henderson’s relish on it. It was also my 5th day of not having any alcohol, not that I had planned to give it up, just because I was too under the weather to bother.

I woke up at 1.30pm on Tuesday 4th January and had missed calls and messages from people checking how I was. I had fruitcake for breakfast after remembering I had it because I really fancied some and I was pleased I seemed to be getting my appetite back. Jamie stopped by with bread and milk for me and I mainly watched Netflix and tried to catch up with my blogging and shenanigans but felt tired. I decided to make pizzas and pasta from the leftover chicken fajitas and seemed to be drinking lots of tea! I decided that I’d write a shopping list and I sent a message to cancel attending Turkish class tomorrow as I still wasn’t good enough to go out.

It was a week since I left England, on Wednesday 5th January, and it felt a lot longer because of being sickly. Captain Caveman had gone to the Song Doong exit today and would be going back in for 2 days tomorrow, it was the start of his new season and he was lucky that tours were going ahead and he would be busy working. I’d set the alarm for 11.30am because I felt I was sleeping too much but it was very cold today so I was in no rush to get up for my cornflakes. For lunch I made more homemade pizza things, I was definitely noticing my appetite was getting back to normal, and I still had lots of premade meals in the freezer. I had looked in to doing something for my birthday next week and I booked a suite at Datça Vineyard hoping I’d be better by then. My visiting friends had already started to depart and I was disappointed not to have been able to see them. I ended up having a lovely evening as I watched an interesting (but frustrating) film with Jake Gyllenhaal in, called Guilty, then I restarted watching Squid Game after a delicious dinner. I finally got round to eating the Cumberland sausage, from Alp’s shop at Balıkcim, which I had in the freezer, with some Heinz baked beans on toast, which was amazing!

On Thursday 6th January it was 13 days since I first had a sore throat and 8 days since my inconclusive Turkish PCR test, in those 8 days all 3 further tests (2 lateral, 1 PCR) were negative and so I decided I might be ready to venture outside. I’d got up late and so didn’t have any breakfast, just a cup of earl grey tea. For lunch I had some homemade chicken noodle soup at the ready and was about to eat it when I found out Jamie had got his Turkish residency approved and was on his way back from Muğla to celebrate. I ate my soup, got an email from Datça Vineyard to say there was construction work going on making the suite unavailable so I thought I’d probably cancel. I met Jamie, Ann, Jax & Lee at Lukka bar and had my first alcoholic drink this year, a Turkish cider. They were booked in for a last meal, as Jax & Lee went home tomorrow, at Egehan tonight and I was invited to join them. Most diners ordered the spicy prawns but I went for a pastry starter which had cheese, spinach and beetroot in, for mains most people had the steak. My meal was outstanding and I did the right thing by asking for my steak medium-well because Ann’s steak was definitely too rare for me to have enjoyed it. Lee drank beer, Jamie and Anne had white wine, Jax and I shared a bottle of red and I took so long to eat my meal because I wasn’t used to eating the amount of food I’d had tonight. I couldn’t do a pudding so Jamie and I had a glass of wine for our dessert while the others had some rather fancy looking desserts. The meal wasn’t the cheapest in town at 400 lira (£22) per person and I really had noticed the prices had gone up since I’d been away, due to the lira being 18.5 to the pound now, but I thought it was a beautiful meal. We had a nightcap at Lukka on the way home and, because I was a bit disappointed that my birthday plans had fallen through, we came up with an alternative arrangement. Tomorrow Jax and Lee were going back to England so we would go to see them off from Ann’s house, Jamie then had plans to take us for a little outing.

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