I’d had worse hangovers than the one I had on Wednesday 12th January but it was to be expected after not drinking any alcohol for the first week of January, due to having ‘flurona’. I had loads of birthday wishes via Facebook which was lovely, I was only just out of bed in time to get to my Turkish class and I had to have extra sugar in my tea to sort me out a bit. Because I had missed last week’s lesson, I was behind and tried my best to catch up as we went along. After class I had to walk to Spice Garden to pick up the remaining birthday cake and it was still raining, this is when I found out how high the river water had been!
The walk back in the pouring rain with a clingfilmed cake and a hangover wasn’t pleasant and I stopped off at Lukka to give the staff some cake. I’d not eaten yet and it was almost 3pm so I had cake for brunch. Julie and Andy were on their way round to fix my firestick to my TV and I was hoping it would be easy to use. The firestick was amazing and I was so glad to use some of my parent’s birthday money to buy something so exciting – it meant I could now watch all sorts of TV and I had music channels!!!
I was getting ready for a night of music and TV, or at least working out how to use it when I remembered that Sarah had given me her leftover curry last night and was coming round to eat it. I messaged to arrange what time and I told her that it couldn’t be a late one after last night because I had to be up at 5am tomorrow morning. We agreed 6pm and then we could eat early and I could be in bed early. At 6pm Sarah wasn’t here and I was getting peckish, she messaged at 6.10pm to say she was at the shops buying a new mouse and did I need anything. She arrived at 6.30pm and it was 8.10pm when I heated up the curry and was ready to eat, so it was a later night than I expected and I was going to be shattered tomorrow.  As I said bye to Sarah and closed the door I noticed that there was a cat pee smell in the doorway which was horrendous and went to get some air freshener. I tidied up and went to bed, knowing I had to be up in less than 5 hours for my day trip.

I really didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off at 5am on Thursday 13th January but, after a couple of 5 minute snoozes, I forced myself out of bed. It was cold and dark still as I got ready for my day trip to Izmir and I could smell cat pee from the bedroom. Rebecca from Captain Boris boat trips had organised for 10 of us to go to IKEA for 250 lira (£14) and my pick up was at 6.20am outside Jazz bar.
We broke down just outside Dalyan and we had to wait for another bus, I’d been sat near the back on the first bus so when we switched over I was left a seat near the front, which was good as I do get travel sick. I’d not realised quite how long it would take to get there and I was so tired that I managed to sleep quite a lot and only woke up for the one wee and hot beverage stop on the way there. When we arrived at IKEA at 10.30am I was glad I’d taken my travel pillow. My first stop was to the cafe where Nanny Kay, Mark, Kate and I all got some breakfast and Becky had a coffee, then off we went in search of some bargains. I managed to get tea-lights for me and a few other friends, freezer bags and biscuits for Katrina, a table and some biscuits for Kim, candles and biscuits for Sarah. We had a couple of hours going around the store and I sussed out new kitchen sinks for Captain Caveman’s apartment but the selection was poor and I didn’t find any that I would buy. For lunch we went as a group of 10 to a restaurant called Midpoint and it was really nice. Masks were compulsory until you were seated and they wanted us to use the QR reader for looking at the menu and for ordering – I think there was only Kate who could get it to work so the waiters gave us the paper menus to look at, warning us the prices were now more expensive. I had a lovely artichoke salad, Nanny Kay had quesadillas and chips, Julie and Jo had burgers, Rebecca went for a goats cheese salad that was huge, and I didn’t see what the others had. I took half of mine home and in the afternoon we had a little mooch around the shopping precinct.
The bus was waiting for us at 3pm and we had all loaded our stuff in to the back. Denise and Nanny Kay were old hats and had brought their ribbons to tie round their bags for identifying when we got back. I was so pleased that Nanny Kay had bought some cushions as they were next to me and I managed another sleep on the way back. I was dropped outside Lukka and it was a struggle to carry everything so I stopped off to say Hi to Sarah, Jamie, Ann, Debbie, Roy and Katrina who were all there as it was Sarah’s birthday. Back home I ate crisps as a snack then finished off my leftover salad for dinner, followed by birthday cake and a cup of tea. The rain in Dalyan had been horrendous today with lots of people getting cut off or flooded in, it was good to have a 2nd floor apartment.

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