I woke up later than intended on Wednesday 16th March, in the spare room at Mark and Kate’s house. I checked my phone and there was some good news in the Vietnamese news today; there was no longer a requirement to quarantine on entry into Vietnam, more here:
Kate had already left for her art class before her Turkish lesson. I’d brought some cooked rice and teriyaki chicken with me last night, which we didn’t eat, so I made egg fried rice for breakfast and Mark made strawberry and oat smoothies. I needed to be at Turkish class by 12 so Mark gave me a lift back on his motorbike. I went home to have a wash and clean my teeth but the water was off. I think I may have still been a bit drunk as the Turkish class felt like the longest ever, usually the time flies by. I’d said I wasn’t going to bother with going out that afternoon but I was peckish again. Vanessa and I wandered to Wonky’s for a chicken wrap for lunch even though I was feeling delicate. The food was lovely and only 35 lira (£1.80) for the wrap and chips but I started to feel unwell after, when my hangover kicked in. The pool lads had decided on Wonkys for their games today and there were the usual reprobates plus the darts people. Penny, Phil and Ann arrived so I soldiered on, then Madge arrived and had a cold. Later Kate joined us and when Phil told us a story of him vomitting in his face mask, I had to run to the loo to be sick. I took some sickness medicine which Ann had to pick me up from the pharmacy and I managed to walk home with Vanessa and Matt. That evening I was feeling much better so I had teriyaki chicken with steamed rice for dinner and then an early night. Tomorrow I would be inspecting my parents’ decorating which was coming to an end.

Having been awake until the early hours I was surprised to be up by 7am on Thursday 17th March. I’d been eagerly awaiting news of the visa situation in Vietnam and was pleased to discover that, as well as an online 30 day visa process, 90 day visas for certain people were being considered via the embassies/consulate. I sent an email to them to ask for a 90 day visa, even though I would not be going to Vietnam for that long, because I did want to be there for longer than 30 days. I checked out the flights and, unsurprisingly, there were still no direct flights from Turkey. The ones that were showing were around £800 return, which was too much to pay – I would wait. I was still holding out hope of going back to England for a week to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday and the flights there were cheap, coming back were a bit more expensive though.
I went to meet Mehmet at Lukka bar so we could go to check on the work at my parents’ place and had a cup of tea while I waited. At Ma & Pa’s I was happy to see it looked good and they had even done a better job at cleaning up than the workmen at my place.
Next, I met Ann at Hotel Dalyance for a Turkish breakfast. I always love a Turkish breakfast but I have generally had to avoid them due to most of the ingredients giving me a dodgy stomach. I had no plans for the rest of the day so thought I’d chance it. The breakfast was lovely and I really enjoyed it but I did suffer when I got home.
For a late lunch I had teriyaki chicken with egg fried rice then had some homemade Baba Ghanoush on bread. In the afternoon we got some bad news; Madge, who had joined us at Wonky’s yesterday, had tested positive for Corona. Penny messaged to let me know I needed to do a test, so I did and I was negative. Penny and Phil were negative, Ann didn’t have any tests so was going to stay home for a couple of days and see if she got any symptoms. We were lucky that none of us had any symptoms but it was possible we would test positive in the next couple of days, I messaged all the people we were with to let them know. I decided to cancel my plans to go to Rehab bar later for darts and my seat at Lukka music bingo tomorrow – just to be on the safe side. It was a shame that it would be my first St Patrick’s day in Dalyan but I wouldn’t get to celebrate it.
For dinner I had grapefruit, from Mark & Kate’s trees, with cheese and egg fried rice and it was delicious.

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