When I woke up on Monday 11th April it looked like rain and I hoped it wouldn’t hinder today’s planned outing. I’d booked Louisa, Linda, Alex and I on Thomas’s boat to Köyceğiz as it was market day. The return journey is 150 lira which isn’t cheap for locals but for the English visitors it is quite a bargain. Luckily we wore warm clothing for the journey as it was very cold and windy. We even had to turn the boat around to pick up cushions which blew in to the sea, twice! When we arrived in Köyceğiz my friends were hungry and asked if we could find somewhere for lunch that was in the sun. Initially we sat at a table outside, overlooking the lake, but we had to move in to the sheltered seating. Louisa had a chicken dish, Linda egg on toast and chips, Alex had a chicken sandwich and I had a chicken quesadilla which was massive so I had leftovers. We had a walk around the market and a few shops but I didn’t buy anything. On the way back it was cold again and I fell asleep due to being up until 4am on the previous evening.
We met back up at Lukka bar where I paid our Friday night bill as well as the bill for soft drinks after my comedy night in January. That evening, a request to try Kebapçı Yusuf again was taken up and this time they had lamb shish available. I had chicken shish and a glass of red wine but was too full to manage a dessert. The others were going to have the same dessert again but there was none left. Linda took Alex to the bakery to get some cookies and baklava which didn’t all make it back to the apartment. After eating, everyone was ready for an early night and so we all went back home.
As is often the case for me, it wouldn’t be that simple on a Monday! Mark and Kate had been out at River Terrace and Sofra and had invited us to join them but I’d declined due to having a 14 year old boy and nannan with us. When I got in, Mark and Kate had gone home but Kate had messaged to say she had left her bag at Sofra with all her baking ingredients in. She was making me a Christmas cake and asked me to pick up the bag, and that Şükrü knew about the bag. I got Fikri’s taxi, it was only about 8.30pm, and we went to Sofra bar. I asked Şükrü for Kate’s bag and he said he had already told Kate that Mark had the bag, I got back in the taxi and went to Mark and Kate’s. When I got there the ‘missing’ bag was outside, by the front door! The night continued with wine for Mark and I, Kate was having some strange blackcurrant liqueur and then started on the Bailey’s. She had a new Tequila board which she had acquired from their recent trip to England, so we all had a shot or two, just to try it out.
I stayed over as we were up late, I wasn’t drunk but I knew I had to be up early tomorrow as I had a lot of jobs to do.

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