It was the last full day and night of Louisa, Linda and Alex being in Dalyan, on Tuesday 12th April. The pool was still dirty, a bit smelly and not fit to sit around, or go in, so I’d arranged for us to go to Hotel Dalyance. Sonuç had said we could use the pool and loungers for free so I had let Louisa know. Meanwhile, at Mark and Kate’s house we were all up and getting ready for a busy day.
The first job was to go over to my parents’ place to put the curtains back up in the living area. Mark gave me a lift in his buggy and helped my parents out with a couple of jobs I couldn’t do. Once the curtains were up and the electric turned on, we carried the unwanted armchair down the stairs and put it with the unwanted curtains at the side of the bin. It was hot and I was inappropriately dressed in thick trousers. As soon as we put the armchair on the ground we both went to sit on it for a rest! I didn’t have my phone with me but I insisted on Mark taking photos of us in an armchair beside the communal bin for a laugh – another first for me! We felt the need to have a cheeky shandy at Jiks where we bumped in to Roy and his mate Kev. We just had the one as Mark had to go shopping and I had to get to Hotel Dalyance. When I arrived, Louisa was on a chair beside the pool, reading her book, Linda and Alex were over the other side of the pool on the sun loungers.
I was hungry and was looking forward to our lunch today. I decided to try a Turkish dish which I’d not had before called Içli köfte. They are bulgar wheat dumplings filled with mince and herbs and were very nice.
After a few hours of very hot sun, Linda and Alex went back to the apartment but Louisa was keen to stay and relax longer. We had a special cocktail made by Sonuç which was milk based. He’s better at fruit ones but Louisa had reacted to orange juice earlier so we went for this one. On the way back I suggested a drink in the sun at Okyanus or Tez bar, before we went to get ready, and Louisa said she would meet me in 5 minutes. Kate was at Tez bar as we walked past and was cold so she asked me to lend her leggings and a jumper. I dropped my bag off, got a warm top and the clothes for Kate then went to Tez’s. Unfortunately Louisa didn’t return straight away and decided to have a shower and come out as a group. This meant I hadn’t been to have a shower and was still on my first drink but sat with Mark and Kate, when they arrived. I’d already arranged to meet people at the Rum Bar at 7.30pm to celebrate Louisa’s last night but my friends wanted to go for a meal first. They didn’t fancy joining me at Tez bar as they were already hungry so I said I would meet them at Kordon restaurant, next door to the Rum bar, when I had finished my drink.
The lady selling flowers came round and persuaded Mark to buy a rose for Kate and then she gave me a free one, which was sweet of her. Kate went on ahead to meet her friend at the Rum bar, Mark and I finished our drinks and paid. As we were walking down the river, Mark pushing his bike, and me carrying my rose, it was getting a bit chilly. Mark went on to Rum bar and I said to let everyone know we were running late and had gone to eat.
We received a warm welcome from Muharrem at Kordon, not least because there was a fire on inside and it was very toasty. I enquired about the giant prawns and found out that they were 650 lira (£34) for 3 so I didn’t bother. Linda and Alex decided to have a whole fish each, Louisa had lamb and I had hummus, mushrooms and beetroot as a main course. The food was lovely and we went to the Rum bar after where Mark, Kate, Sue, Ann, Debbie (Darling), Roy, Kev, Ali, Cheryl and Sarah were already waiting for us.
Linda and Alex didn’t stay long and most of my friends were a bit worse for wear. We had some nice cocktails but, after Louisa got insulted by one of my merry mates, I needed to get involved in making sure Fikri’s taxis were ordered.
At the end of the night, Louisa and I joined Mark, Kate and Cheryl at Sofra bar and we ended up having a sing song while Davut, the bar man, laughed at us. It was about 2am when Louisa and I got in, we’d left the others singing Meatloaf songs in Sofra.

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